Gabrielle Union Shares Full Behind-the-Scenes Story About Infamous Banana Boat on ‘Hot Ones’

Gabrielle Union talks about convincing Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Paul to ride a banana boat on vacation.

Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas Break Down Dwyane Wade Riding the Bench on ‘Out of Bounds’

On today’s Out of Bounds, Gilbert, Mia, Pierce, and Adam compare Derrick Rose to a Lamborghini with spare tires. They also figure out the real reason Dwyane Wade is riding the bench and J. R. Smith is back in the Cavs' starting lineup, and decide which team should take Eric Bledsoe off Phoenix's hands.

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Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas Discuss Why Kyrie SZN Is Finally Upon Us on ‘Out of Bounds’

On today’s Out of Bounds, Gilbert, Mia, Pierce, and Adam chat about the past week’s NBA, NFL, and college football standings and U of Miami’s Bowl prospects. The crew also run through Steph Curry’s mouthguard-related first ejection, coach firings, why the Cleveland Browns are trash, and Gabrielle Union’s discussion of tossing salads in her life prior to Dwyane Wade.

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Gordon Hayward Suffers Brutal Leg Injury in First Game With Celtics

Just six minutes into his first season with his new team, the Boston Celtics, All-Star forward Gordon Hayward suffered an absolutely brutal leg injury in a clip that nobody would blame you for skipping over (seriously, it's graphic).

It is being reported that Hayward suffered a fracturted left ankle. 

During this recently concluded offseason, Hayward signed a four-year/$128 million contract with a Celtics team that was expected to challenge the Cavaliers for Eastern Conference supremacy. Obviously those hopes took a serious hit tonight, not that that's on the minds of any of the players at Quicken Loans Arena, as evidenced by these reactions:

Still other players who are not in Cleveland expressed their condolences and shock on social media as well:

We will update when we have more info.

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Carmelo Anthony Reveals 2 Major Trades That Almost Happened This Summer

Carmelo Anthony sent shockwaves through the NBA community last Saturday when he agreed to waive his no-trade clause so that the Knicks could deal him to the Thunder. It gave Oklahoma City three superstars on its roster—Anthony will be joined by Russell Westbrook and Paul George next season—and it also made the Western Conference even more talented than it already was (R.I.P. Eastern Conference, smh).

On Thursday, Anthony sent even more shockwaves through the NBA community with some comments he made on SiriusXM Radio. While talking about his trade, he said that he came close to being traded not once but twice at other times during the offseason. One of those trades involved him heading to Houston to join James Harden and Chris Paul on the Rockets.

“A deal was done with Houston early, then for some reason, whatever happened behind-the-scenes, it didn’t go through,” he said. “It fell through, then we had to really start paying attention and thinking about other options.”

That trade, according to Anthony, nearly went down in July. And there was another trade involving Anthony that almost happened a few weeks before that on the night of the 2017 NBA Draft. Anthony claims that he and George were scheduled to be dealt to the Cavaliers in deals that would have put Anthony, George, and LeBron James on the same team during the upcoming season. But that trade was also called off before it was finalized.

“It was funny because me and PG was supposed to be in Cleveland on draft night,” he said on SiriusXM. “We were communicating about that. The deal was actually done, and it got called off on draft night, so me and PG stayed connected throughout the course of the [offseason]. We never even talked about OKC, though.”

It’s pretty crazy to think about how all of this played out. And it’s also pretty crazy to think about what might have happened if Anthony had been traded to either the Cavaliers or Rockets. It could have affected where a bunch of other players, including guys like Kyrie Irving and Dwyane Wade, landed. And it could have shaken up the NBA even more this summer. What an offseason.

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Young Bulls Players Are Reportedly Sick of Dwyane Wade, Contract Buyout Is ‘Inevitable’

Earlier this offseason, Dwyane Wade opted in for the final year of his two-year deal with the Chicago Bulls, which seemed like a bizarre decision considering that the team is rebuilding and he's 35 years old (though feel free to point out that his $24 million salary is more than he would've commanded had he tested the market).

However, despite that development, D-Wade's days of being listed on Chicago's roster are clearly numbered, a fact that was once again echoed by ESPN's Nick Friedell on Tuesday, as he stated definitively that a buyout between the club and the 12-time All-Star is “inevitable.” Friedell made that statement during an airing of The Jump:

“This is inevitable. It's coming,” Friedell said. “It's just a matter of when not if. But right now, guys, it's just kind of a staring contest. Everybody's looking at each other saying 'OK, how much money are you willing to give up?'”

While saying that he didn't think the move would happen until December or January, Friedell also relayed that the young players on the Bulls had had enough of Wade, ever since he and Jimmy Butler aired them out after a loss to the Hawks this past January. The source of the contention, as you may remember, was Wade calling out his teammates in practice about working hard enough, despite the fact that he wasn't really practicing himself.

“The young players on the Bulls really can't stand Dwyane,” Friedell added. “It's no secret in Chicago, they have had enough.”

“He didn’t practice…but they really got upset because he called them all out in the media. And he said, 'You guys aren’t working hard enough.' And then they had a big team meeting the next day, and they said, 'Who are you to say we’re not working hard? Because we’re out there every day busting our butt.' So there’s a lot of friction there, a lot of tension.”

This info comes at the same time that there has been speculation about Wade joining the Cavs at some point in this upcoming season. And while that certainly would've been a much more exciting development a few years ago, it sounds like it couldn't come soon enough for players currently in the Bulls's locker room.

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Mark Cuban Says the NBA Would Welcome Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

Regardless of whether he ends up playing in the NFL this year, Colin Kaepernick and his protests have left their mark on pro sports. Teams have had to release formal statements denying they're trying to blackball him from the NFL, and his peaceful protest has sparked a lot of debate over the role of protest within professional sports.

Even for owners of teams in other sports leagues, the Kaepernick saga has been an important one to follow. And if you ask one of the NBA's most vocal owners, Dallas Mavericks' firebrand Mark Cuban, his league is far better equipped to handle causes like Kaepernick's. He said as much to The Washington Post, saying he believes a player in a similar position would be embraced by the NBA as a whole.

“I don’t know what his status is in the NFL, but I’m glad the NBA doesn’t have a politician litmus test for our players. I’d like to think we encourage our players to exercise their constitutional rights,” said Cuban. “The NBA is such a global game, I think our players' exposure to different political systems among their teammates may help them appreciate our country even more and encourage their participation.”

No entity as large as the NBA can claim to be perfect on social issues—remember, they let Donald Sterling own a team—but the NBA does have a strong recent track record when it comes to forms of peaceful protest. A group of players including LeBron James and Kyrie Irving wore, “I CAN'T BREATHE” shirts prior to several games in late 2014, as a tribute to the late Eric Garner, whose life was claimed by NYPD. James was part of a similar tribute during his days with the Miami Heat, posing in hoodies with Dwyane Wade and other teammates in memory of slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

On the league's behalf, they've also taken some drastic steps to protect and promote human rights. They famously moved the All-Star Game out of Charlotte for 2017, amidst outrage regarding anti-LGBT bathroom laws drawn up by North Carolina legislators. Commissioner Adam Silver announced the decision with a forceful statement at the time.

“We have been guided in these discussions by the long-standing core values of our league,” said Silver. “These include not only diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect for others, but also the willingness to listen and consider opposing points of view.”

Contrary to Cuban's claim, however, the league does have some history with a protest similar to Kaepernick's and it didn't go so well.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, best known for his time with the Denver Nuggets, was in the midst of his best pro season when he launched a national anthem protest, allegedly refusing to stand because of his deeply-held Muslim values. The league suspended him for a game—costing him roughly $32,000 in the process—and following pressure from the NBA players union, reached a “compromise” that forced him to stand but allowed him to bow his head and pray with his head down. Two years following his best season as a pro, Abdul-Rauf was out of the league and playing in Turkey.

That was 20 years ago, and now the NBA's actions on social issues have changed dramatically. But it's worth noting as a historical comparison, because there's at least some precedent for the league failing to step up to the plate for a similar player.

In any case, Kaepernick may not ever get another shot, but he has a strong group of supporters standing behind him. A petition is calling for a total NFL boycott if Kaepernick doesn't find work, and as of this writing, over 30,000 people have already pledged to stand in solidarity with the quarterback.

The real shame in all this is that Kaepernick's stance is a controversy to begin with. Speaking out against injustice is as patriotic as it gets, and he has been able to spark dialogue and support through silent, peaceful protest. If he loses out on a job because of that, the parties involved should feel ashamed. 

Send all complaints, compliments, and tips to

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Miami Heat Finally Release Chris Bosh, Announce They Will Officially Retire His Jersey

Stuck in health limbo for most of the last few years, we've all been waiting to see what Chris Bosh's next move would be. As far as the Miami Heat are concerned, Bosh's chapter with the team on the court is over, after Miami officially waved Bosh on Tuesday evening.

But the announcement on the team's website was accompanied by a bit of a plot twist. Team President and basketball lifer Pat Riley explained that the Heat would no longer allow players to wear Bosh's jersey number, and the franchise promised to hold an official retirement ceremony to take No. 1 out of circulation in Miami for good.

“He changed our lives for the better, in a way we never would have imagined, when he joined the Miami Heat,” said Riley. “We will forever be indebted to CB for how he changed this team and led us to four trips to the NBA Finals and two NBA Championships. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise. The number '1' will never be worn by another player and we can't wait to someday hang his jersey in the rafters.”

Bundling this in with the release was a pretty extraordinary step, especially when you consider how divisive Bosh's Heat career was among casual NBA fans. A lot of hoop heads celebrated him as an integral piece of a back-to-back title winner, though others constantly berated him with labels like “soft” and diminished his role in the success of the “Heatles.”

Thankfully, the former group was the loudest when news broke, and a chorus of supporters including LeBron James and Dwyane Wade came out to salute Bosh's career.

On top of the nice tribute to his career, Bosh is going to be rolling in the dough when he decides to officially retire. He won't quite be the Bobby Bonilla of basketball, but the payments will reportedly continue through the year 2022.

Though it's a shame Bosh's career had to end the way it did, he (probably) leaves the game with excellent numbers, a couple of rings, and a likely path toward the Hall of Fame. It's pretty tough to top that.

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Chris Paul Says Family Will Play Biggest Role in Free Agency, Talks New Capsule Collection

Chris Paul entered the NBA the same year former commissioner David Stern implemented the controversial dress code. So the Clippers point guard has seen the style of the league change drastically since 2005 as stars like Paul and his pals Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James roll up to arenas in designer duds and make international best-dressed lists.  

“It's been interesting to see how things have evolved over the years and how sports and fashion have come to play a huge role,” says Paul. “I think it's opened up opportunities for the sports world and the fashion world.” 

Paul, one of the most stylish players in the league, has taken advantage of one such recent opportunity to collaborate with the men's brand Five Four Club and the baller celebrated the release of a new capsule collection with a party in New York two days before the NBA Draft. 

Featuring the likes of Sixers star Joel Embiid and designers Robert Geller and Richard Chai, Paul and Five Four Club founder Dee Murthy and Andres Izquieta hosted an intimate dinner at the Meatpacking District restaurant Catch that Complex was invited to. There, we talked to the trio about the capsule collection, the inspiration behind it, their favorite pieces, and, for Paul specifically, a little free agency talk sprinkled in.  

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LeBron James to the Lakers? Yes, This Is a Rumor That’s Actually Going Around Right Now

From now until the time he retires, LeBron James' free agency decisions will be covered with the fervor of a presidential election or, say, an NBA prospect's loud-ass dad. This has been the case for a long time. Because of this well established fact—oh, and probably because the Cavs currently find themselves in a 3-0 Finals hole—rumors are seeping out about where LeBron will take his talents to next when he's a free agent in the summer of 2018 (yes, over a year from now).

Those rumors, which certainly won't be the last, have the current Cavs' star heading to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. The other rumor that came out on Thursday has him going to…oh, also L.A., but this time to the Clippers. Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer relayed the chatter, which has reportedly been floating around NBA circles. O'Connor also made reference to a nearly year-old Yahoo article from Adrian Wojnarowski that said there was a belief throughout the league that James wouldn't remain in Cleveland for the remainder of his career. 

If you keep up with your LBJ rumors, this shouldn't come as a total shock, unless you expect him to somehow convince Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade to come to Ohio.

O'Connor also talked about some comments Jalen Rose made on First Take this week, where he said he thought LeBron would eventually play in Cali because he has a house a half an hour away from the Staples Center (the same one that got vandalized):

After the completion of the 2017-18 season, LeBron will have a player option for the 2018-19 campaign worth $35.6 million.

But perhaps LeBron doesn't think Cleveland will stay competitive in the future. Or *clears throat loudly* perhaps he likes the attention. Or perhaps he's just sick of the narrative of “Why can't LeBron James win titles?!” even when everybody knows it's kind of a BS point because he's going up against a Finals opponent that's clearly superior.

It's up to you to decide how fact-based these statements are. That's kind of the thing with LeBron: everything about him becomes news.

Anyway, have fun going through this all over again, Cavs fans.

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