Rihanna Spotted Making Out With Mystery Man in Swimming Pool

One thing that undoubtedly sucks about being an A-list celebrity is that when you make out with some unknown guy in a swimming pool at a “posh villa” in Spain, paparazzi might snap several shots of it. That's exactly what happened to Rihanna on Monday when she was spotted with her tongue down the throat of some mystery man.

According to TMZ, the yet to be identified man “might be her new boyfriend.” Take that hedged statement for what it's worth.

Also here's some things some people on Twitter had to say about it:

Good for this dude, I guess.

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Deorro Drops New Song And Announces Debut Album, “Good Evening”

Deorro turned heads at the end of 2016 when he dropped “Tell Me Lies” with Lesley Roy. The distinctly un-Deorro track was a far departure from the bounce that had made Deorro famous.

Now, Deorro has dropped a track which should make the bounce heads a little more comfortable, “Rise and Shine.” With some vocals reminiscent of 1920s speakeasy’s, there is a lot to love about this one.

And Deorro came out with even more big news – he’s releasing his debut artist album, Good Morning, on Ultra Music on March 31! Complete with an intro and multiple interludes, Good Evening is a 24-track concept album which has been three years in the making. From start to finish, it’s a culmination of uncountable genres and influences ranging from progressive house, to funky bass, to future and even harder dubstep.

Pre-order the album here and check out the tracklist below.

1. Good To See You (Intro)
2. Guide Me.mp3
3. If You Go First (Interlude)
4. Turn Back Time
5. Steady Rise (Interlude)
6. Goin Up
7. Miss You (Interlude)
8. Find A Way
9. Prove It (Interlude)
10. Butt Naked
11. Colorblind
12. Feeling Pretty Good
13. Hands Up
14. Drumline (Interlude)
15. Bomba
16. Reality (Interlude)
17. Tell Me Lies
18. Honest Man
19. Me, Myself and I (Interlude)
20. Rise and Shine
21. Sometimes (Interlude)
22. Let It Go
23. Lady
24. Pause

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Patrick Reza – Fly [Free Download]

In a time that seems to reward cookie cutter tunes, some artists strive to break out of the mold and create unique sounds. Patrick Reza’s newest release does just that. While it will bring you back to some 2010 dub feelings, Reza brings his own, new age flare to this hot dubstep tune “Fly“.

The track beings with a welcoming “hello.” A distorted lead synth is introduced, mimicking the sounds of a shredding guitar solo. The break down leaves us in limbo as Reza builds the suspense for the bass heavy drop. Featuring a synth you might find in some older dubstep tunes, Reza creates a nostalgic feeling while also breathing life into a somewhat stagnant genre. Listen for the quick “K, bye” at the end!

Check out the tune below and grab your free download:

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SAMF Announces Lineup For Bass Kitchen Branded Stage

This year, fans of Chicago based React Present’s longstanding Bass Kitchen series will have the opportunity to witness brutal bass carnage as one of Spring Awakening’s branded stages is transformed into the wub-filled pit their fans deserve during one day of the June 9-11 weekend festival.

Headlining the Bass Kitchen’s takeover will be an undisputed member of the Mount Rushmore of modern dubstep, Snails! Having created such iconic hits as “Holla Out,” “Deep In The Night” and “Frogbass,” Snails’ shining presence in the bass music community is unrivaled by most. When he closes out the stage with his face-twisting beats, fans are advised to hold tight and keep their arms and legs in the mosh pit at all times.

Luckily for SAMF’s most dedicated bassheads, Snails’ headlining set will be backed up by a staggering roster of additional talent, including the unmatched power and historic beats of Kill The Noise, the forehead-scrunching minimalism of trap lord Hucci, the spastic electro energy of Spag Heddy, and the raw, piercing chaos of Barely Alive.

For those looking for a high-octane stroll down the dirtiest avenues of bass music, the Bass Kitchen stage certainly has you covered.

Check out the official Bass Kitchen stage announcement video and Spotify playlist below, and click here to lock down your tickets to Spring Awakening 2017.


Image: Georgia Modi Photography

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Your EDM Month In Music – February 2017

And we’re back with the month’s latest recap of the biggest releases in the dance music world. In this iteration of our Month In Music recap, we saw huge releases from the likes of Calvin Harris, Flume, Kygo and The Chainsmokers.

The final (full) week of the month saw a flurry of hits from the dance/pop superstars. Calvin Harris released “Slide,” a hot crossover collaboration with the current music industry’s A-list talent featuring the likes of Migos and Frank Ocean on vocals for a soothing ride-along track. Eternal hitmakers Coldplay teamed up with arguably the biggest name in dance music at the moment The Chainsmokers for “Something Just Like This” receiving immediate praise from a plethora of fans and ‘this sounds like Roses 2.o’ comments from the tracks detractors. Kygo teamed up with Selena Gomez for “It Ain’t Me” a song you would hear everywhere in the US if it weren’t for the cold weather the vast majority of the country is victim to right now.

Australian super-talent, Flume released his second companion EP to his sophomore album Skin with 4 unique singles including “Depth Charge” which made the cut. Cashmere Cat also dropped another single “Love Incredible” with Camila Cabello off of his upcoming album Wild Love.

Some of the months standout singles this February came from the likes of Tchami, Malaa, REZZ & K?d, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, WRLD & SMLE, Loud Luxury, and Arty.

French future house master Tchami rang in the new year with his first single of 2017 “Adieu” a soothing deep house track with tropical inspired vibes. Malaa, alongside the support of names like Tchami & DJ Snake, rang in the new year with his first track of 2017, “Bylina” in his typical fashion showing off his signature G house sound.

Our ears were graced with one of the most hyped tracks during the beginning of the year coming from meteoric riser K?d and mau5trap queen REZZ for the eerie hard-hitting single “Fourth Impact.”

We saw the release of Axwell^Ingrosso’s next single with rapper Kid Ink “I Love You” making you think back to the good old nostalgia inducing days whenever you see those two names on a track.

In conjunction with their new Stranded Tour WRLD & SMLE just released “Stranded” a playful ethereal tune with chiptune and crunchy electro vibes accompanied by catchy vocals.

Canadian powerhouse Loud Luxury released “Something To Say” a deep house club banger with Ryan Shepherd first premiered on Tiësto’s AFTR:HRS debut compilation album.

Near the end of the month we also saw Arty release “Falling Down” with pop vocalist Maty Noyes who has done work with The Weeknd & Kygo.

This month’s standout remixes came from the likes of: Major Lazer, Grey, Kill The and Noise.

Major Lazer remixed Ed Sheeran’s number one single “Shape Of You” with vocalists: N’yla & Kranium for added dancehall vibes.

Zedd’s protege Grey gave their go at Mike Posner’s “In the Arms Of A Stranger” giving it their usual poppy LFO-heavy flair.

Kill The Noise remixed Zomboy’s “Like A Bitch” actually adding in the word “bitch” during the song and giving probaly the most played out dubstep tune of 2016 a new vibe.

There’s a whole lot more to digest, so be sure to find yourself some free time (one hour and forty-five minutes to be precise), kick back, and relax to our brand new Month In Music playlist!

Stream the Your EDM – Month In Music playlist for the month of February below.


Photo: Rob Berry Media  | Facebook Image: Rukes.com

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Wobbleland Is A Bass Head’s Dream Destination Festival

If you’re a bass head in California, you’ve heard of Wobbleland. The festival that Vital Events started years ago has finally grown into a full-fledged 3-day event for the first time ever this year, and the booking team didn’t waste any time in filling up those time slots with the best that current bass music has to offer.

If you were looking for trap, boom: Party Favor, Quix, Jameston Thieves b2b Yookie, Valentino Khan.
If you were looking for bass house, boom: Sam F b2b Yntendo, Joyryde, Bishu, Datsik.
If you were looking for dubstep, well… there’s too many to count. It is Wobbleland after all.

From 7pm until 2am every night, thousands of bass heads poured into the San Jose City National Civic, adorned in kandi and Wobbleland & Damascus apparel, ready to headbang their little hearts out. Starting off the first day with four epic b2b sets, including a massive Phiso b2b Aweminus b2b Definitive set right in the beginning of the evening was a bold move, but it easily set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Luca Lush b2b Josh Pan was next, followed by KRANE b2b Alexander Lewis, and let me tell you… you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a man cover Keys N Krates’ “Dum De Dum” live with a freaking trombone. You just haven’t.

And as crazy as the first day was, the second day didn’t really let up at all. Starting off with Jameston Thieves b2b Yookie straight into an ear-melting set from Midnight Tyrannosaurus was just what the crowd needed to shake off the sleepy eyes from the night before. This was then followed by sets by Bleep Bloop, Jackal, Kayzo, Party Favor, and then Zomboy… so you can imagine how sore necks were after that. This was personally my favorite night of the show – too many homies to count.

For the final night, things seemed a little quieter, a little calmer (at least early on). Fans were noticeably tired and exhausted, but they paid for a 3-day ticket and they damn sure weren’t gonna let that go to waste. The night definitely started off slower than the previous two, with Bishu going into Woolymammoth. But by the time QUIX came on at 9pm, all bets were off. He threw down definitely one of the best sets of the weekend, determined to not be upstaged by who was on next… Trollphace b2b Trampa. If you were waiting for the hardest, most bass-heavy set of the weekend, you found it.

The rest of the night played out with Joyryde, Valentino Khan and Datsik in proper succession, breaking necks like you would only expect.

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the VIP area with sets from Aweminus b2b Sudden Death, Cherney, Oolacile, Juju and more… but unfortunately, this spot was often overlooked in favor of the more grand main stage. Even still, all artists who played in the VIP area gave it their all and those in attendance were thankful for it.

Despite some issues with security throughout the weekend, most people would say that the first 3-day Wobbleland was an unadulterated success. The next major Vital Events show is Toxic Summer in just a few months! Will it be able to live up to Wobbleland? Damn straight, it will.


Photos via Scotch Photos, Jared

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Madsonik “Black Beatles” Remix Featured on New Battlefield 1 Trailer

We all remember the “Black Beatles” track. Thanks to the mannequin challenge, it would be hard to forget. I thought the song made its rounds in 2016 and would slowly fade out by the end of the year. To my surprise, I was very wrong. And I’m glad I was. The song has made a recent comeback in the form of a remix in the trailer for Battlefield 1.

Madsonik, the mastermind behind the collab “Divebomb” with Kill The Noise and Tom Morello, remixed “Black Beatles” into what sounds like a heavy hitting dubstep tune. The remix blends fluidly with the rhythms created in the new Battlefield 1 trailer. While the game has been out since last October, the remix is a fresh one and has us excited for a possible official remix EP for the track.

Check out the game trailer and the hard hitting tune below:

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dEVOLVE & KAMEO Drop Their Latest Collaboration “Bomb Pon Dem”

Last September Miami-based producer dEVOLVE released “Higher,” an infectious club banger with Red Rat that currently has over 5 million Spotify streams garnering attention from a variety of dance music tastemakers.

Since then, dEVOLVE has taken the moombahton scene by storm. His debut single “Bubble Gum” was released on Jillionaire’s (Of Major Lazer) imprint record label, Feel Up Records. dEVOLVE has received support from world-renowned DJ’s and outlets like Apple Beats 1, Major Lazer, Diplo & Friends Radio, SiriusXM BPM any many others.

dEVOLVE steps back into the limelight this time with fellow producer and bass aficionado KAMEO. Their latest collaboration “Bomb Pon Dem” is out now via HiRIZE Music. “Bomb Pon Dem” is a fast paced dubstep banger infused with elements of trap and dancehall that will make you move no matter the mood.

Make sure to stay up to date with all things dEVOLVE as this Miami-based producer is most certainly a name you are bound to see in the upcoming festival circuit.

Stream “Bomb Pon Dem” below and snag a free download here!

Follow dEVOLVE
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Xcellerated Gears Up For A Ridiculous Night Of UK Talent

We’re no strangers in LA to the brute force of a Saturday Union lineup. Xcellerated Events is premiering two US Debuts this saturday February 17th from jump up legends DJ Dominator and DJ Limited. In addition to those powerhouse acts, they’ve booked the return of Biological Beats head honcho MC Fatman D. To complete this incredible lineup of pure talent, local support consisting of MEDIK8Konkrete B2B Shadow Sniper, along with an epic B2B of Replicant B2B DJ Construct.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to throw on your best dancing shoes and head to Union, the accompanying B-Side Los Angeles deep dubstep room will surely settle the score.  Featuring the monumental bass music mastermind 6Blocc, this dubstep crew has carved their mark into the Los Angeles dubstep scene in the best way. Supporting talent includes DMVUDistinctMotive B2B OxossiChapmanHakeem and Al Ross. Don’t miss this one!

You can purchase event tickets here: https://xcelleratedandbside.eventbrite.com/


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Ethan Glass — Oink Oink Bang Bang! [Free Download]

If you’re searching for something raw to propel you into the weekend, look no further. Ethan Glass dropped a new track this week and it is wild.

Inspired by recent unrest and injustice, ‘Oink Oink Bang Bang!’ gets right in your face and doesn’t back down. It’s a super wonky take on dubstep that features hard-hitting drums, hyperactive synths, and straight-up raw sound design. Glass is calling his newfound style ‘slime punk’: computer music against anyone who abuses power instead of empowering people. We can definitely get behind a message like that, especially since this tune is filled with overwhelming energy. You’ll feel like a live-wire after pumping this into your ear canals a few times, we guarantee it.

Best of all, Glass decided to release ‘Oink Oink Bang Bang!’ as a free download. Check out the full stream after the jump and be sure to grab a copy if you’re feeling the vibes.


Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter

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