Travis Scott Dropped More Clues About His Upcoming Quavo Collab in New Freestyle

When he's not turning up so hard that cops are shook at his concerts, Travis Scott is building the hype for two of hip-hop's most anticipated albums. After the wild success off Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, fans are eagerly anticipating his next solo album, Astroworld, and his currently untitled collaborative project with Quavo.

Like a true hype master, Scott is leaving his fans in suspense. During a recent concert stop, he let fans know he wasn't sure which project was going to be coming first. Scott said he'd been going hard with Quavo in the studio for the last two days, and that the pair have been spending lots of time together working and hanging out in Atlanta.

Chants of “Album coming soon” and “Which one? I don't know” have become commonplace at Scott concerts, but that doesn't make the Quavo news any less exciting. Because of hints from Scott that their project together might be a surprise drop, it makes it harder and harder to keep waiting when both guys claim to be hard at work on the project.

The only saving grace has been Scott sharing some new music while we all wait for the big drops to come. If the snippets of new Quavo and Scott songs are any indication of the final project's quality, they could easily have one of the best albums of the year sitting in the vault. Now do us all a favor, Travis—drop something as soon as you can, and kick off summer the right way.

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Tory Lanez Spends $35K in Luxury Store After Allegedly Being Dissed by Employee

Before taking the stage for his scheduled appearance at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Tory Lanez appears to have gotten some shopping in at the high end boutique Holt Renfrew. In a series of since-deleted tweets, Tory calls out a seemingly dismissive clerk who he accuses of discriminating against him. In Lanez’s video, which has since been picked up by other Twitter users, the rapper can be seen and heard calling out the employee and briefly filming the worker from outside the store.

“I gotta get him,” Lanez says while filming the Holt Renfrew employee from his phone. “Look at his ass. Say hello. Yeah, we balled out your shit. We walked in the store…he ain’t think we was gonna buy nothing. We balled out his shit. We Gucci down. We Louis Vuitton down…”

Based on Lanez’s interaction with a fan asking about the incident, the rapper interpreted the employee’s alleged dismissive attitude as a disrespectful implication Lanez lacked the means to buy the luxury goods. Other tweets that are no longer available hint at Tory Lanez intending to drop the $35,000 at the store regardless and merely choosing a different employee to help with the transaction and possibly benefit from the commission on the sale.

“It’s not the fact that we spent $35K in there, we were already going there to do that. It’s the fact that HE didn’t get the percentage,” Tory tweeted.

DJ Akademiks ripped Tory Lanez’s now-deleted video and also captured one of the tweets explaining his rationale for still dropping five figures at an establishment he felt disrespected him.

 “I hope the coworker that got the commission was black, LMAO,” Twitter user @southernjawn said.

“He was,” Lanez replied, while adding a string of emojis.

Tory isn’t the first entertainer to go public with claims of a business allegedly discriminating against him despite enjoying the spoils of a rap career. In July of 2016, Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to call out Chicago sports bar Whirlyball. Chance told his followers the Whirlyball management “doesn’t know how to treat customers.”

“Don’t go to @WhirlyBall it’s very inaccessible if you’re black or friends with black people, they’ve clearly outlined in their dress code,” Chance added.

As for Tory, Holt Renfrew has yet to publicly respond to his clams.

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The Most Hyped Style Drops of 2017 (So Far)

 Each year, brands and designers drop several collections, collaborations, and special releases. And each year, there are a few that stand out and grab everyone’s attention. Hype can be brought on by the brand’s own popularity; other times it’s a co-sign from an A-list celebrity. Regardless of how it happens, the most in-demand pieces often sell out almost instantly, cause long lines (even as brands and retailers implement new, stricter lineup systems), and show up on sites like eBay and Grailed—sometimes for triple the retail price.

We’re only halfway through 2017 and there have already been quite a few style releases that have dominated the conversation. Seriously—some recent drops have been so insane that news outlets like Huffington Post and ABC7 Eyewitness News, who wouldn’t normally cover these releases, were hyping them up.

From the usual suspects like Supreme and Kanye West to everything in between, these are the most hyped style drops of 2017 so far. And before you get mad, this list only includes apparel and accessories. We have separate lists coming for the best sneakers.

  • Bape x Anti Social Social Club Collaboration

    Anti Social Social Club has quickly become one of the biggest brands in streetwear. Every drop sells out almost instantly. At the first annual ComplexCon last November, the brand, which collaborated with Undftd on hoodies and tees, had one of the longest lines all weekend.

    So, when ASSC teased a collaboration with Bape, kids were basically salivating over the collection. It was small—hoodies, tees, and zip-ups with ASSC font and Bape’s iconic ABC Camo pattern, released in limited quantities at Bape’s New York location only. The exclusivity of the line, in addition to the popularity of both Bape and ASSC, definitely made this collab one of the most hyped of the year so far. In fact, some of the pieces are currently being resold on eBay for up to $1,600.

  • Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collaboration

    In 2000, Louis Vuitton hit Supreme with a cease-and-desist after the brand attempted to release skate decks with a graphic similar to LV’s signature monogram. It came as a surprise, then, that nearly two decades later, the fashion house—led by men’s artistic director Kim Jones—is collaborating with Supreme, even if Jones is a noted fan of streetwear.

    The Supreme x LV collection was first teased in early January, when Jones posted (then quickly deleted) an Instagram featuring a sticker mash-up of the two brands. A few weeks later, Louis Vuitton confirmed the collaboration during its Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show in Paris by sending models down the runway wearing pieces from the line. Since then, Travis Scott, Kate Moss, ASAP Bari, David Beckham, and more have been seen rocking the yet-to-be-released items.

    Perhaps what’s most interesting about this collaboration is what it represents: High-fashion is finally openly acknowledging streetwear. Jones put it best: “No New York men’s conversation is complete without Supreme.”

    The Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration won’t be cheap: $65,000 LV monogram trunks, $485 box logo T-shirts, and $435 camp caps to name a few. But that likely won’t stop people from buying their favorite pieces when the line drops this coming July. Even the city of New York seems to understand the hype around the collaboration. Last month, a Manhattan community board denied a proposal to have a Louis Vuitton x Supreme pop-up shop to be held at 25 Bond St. in the NoHo neighborhood.

  • Needles Track Pants

    Needles, the Japanese label founded by designer Keizo Shimizu, has been making their now famous track pants with the butterfly embroidery for a few seasons. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that stylish kids everywhere began catching on. With the sportswear trend and heavy co-signs from ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, Luka Sabbat, and the No Vacancy Inn guys, Needles hasn’t been able to keep the track pants in stock at Nepenthes, the store Shimizu opened, and other stores.

  • Supreme MetroCard

    Supreme has had a long history of releasing novelty pieces, including punching bags, bricks, and even nunchucks. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection was no different. This past February, the brand released Supreme-branded MetroCards. Retailing for only $5.50, the limited edition MetroCards were sold at Supreme’s store, online, and MTA vending machines at select subway stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The demand for the cards was huge—so big, in fact, that the lines inside the subway stations looked like queues outside of a Supreme store during a Thursday drop. Now, they’re being resold on sites like eBay and Grailed for up to $70. Cops even had to shut down the line that formed at the Union Square Station because it got too hectic. The MTA has collaborated with other brands before, including Calvin Klein, but none garnered as much attention as this.

  • Kanye West’s Calabasas Collection

    At this point, anything Kanye West releases is bound to attract tons of attention. Prior to the release of his Calabasas collection, West was often seen wearing the maroon track pants from the line. But back then, he and Adidas had not confirmed whether or not it was a custom piece, or if it would eventually be for sale. Later, many thought the pants were only for “friends and family” when some received them as invitations for the rapper’s Yeezy Season 4 fashion show. 

    But this past March, the Calabasas collection was finally made available to the public via the website. No surprise: It sold out within minutes. The line—track pants, crewneck sweaters, hats—retailed for $25–$200, much less than previous Yeezy Season releases, which likely contributed to the success of the collection.

  • VLONE Releases

    ASAP Bari has turned VLONE into a huge success. The brand’s signature black and orange motif has been seen on everyone from fellow ASAP Mob members Rocky and Ferg to Odell Beckham Jr. and 2 Chainz. While Bari doesn’t follow a calendar—he seems to release product whenever he feels like it, and via VLONE pop-up shops—he was able to dominate the conversation when he did drop new pieces. This year, he opened several VLONE pop-ups, and the lines were insane. Now, pieces are being resold on Grailed for nearly double the retail price.

    The brand’s success has led to collaborations with Nike on a pair of Air Force 1s, which resold on eBay for more than $90,000, and Tupac’s estate on merch. Later this month, Bari is also set to present his first ever cut-and-sew collection during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

  • Palace Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

    Although Palace was founded in 2009, the London skate brand has become even more popular Stateside. In fact, like most of its drops, they couldn’t keep the Spring/Summer 2017 collection in stores. If you’ve ever checked Palace’s online shop on the day of any release, chances are that more than half of the collection already sold out in minutes.

    Some of the best-sellers from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection included their graphic T-shirts inspired by Prince and the cult classic film The Breakfast Club, as well as the “tri-ferg” logo hoodies and track jackets.

    Luckily, Palace has opened their first U.S. shop in New York. The bad news? There are still lines outside the store, so it may not actually mean it’ll be easier to get your hands on a piece.

  • KAWS x Uniqlo x Peanuts Plush Toy

    Along with his limited Air Jordan collaboration, KAWS also linked up with the Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo to release a collection inspired by the Peanuts cartoons. The affordable T-shirts ($15) sold well, but the item most people were after was the Snoopy plush toy, which featured KAWS’ signature Xs on the eyes. KAWS toys have always been seen as collectibles. Uniqlo briefly restocked the plush toys but only at select stores in Japan and Hong Kong.

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5 Things We Learned About SZA on ‘Everyday Struggle’

Ever since the singer linked up with the TDE crew, SZA has produced a steady stream dope music. She proved herself as a capable feature artist alongside the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, but more importantly she shined as the lead artist on several projects, including 2014's eclectic, soulful EP, Z. Several solid years of momentum have us waiting impatiently on SZA's Ctrl, her debut studio album dropping on June 9.

The 26-year-old singer was kind enough to spend some time with the Everyday Struggle crew before Ctrl drops, and we learned a good deal about her during the free-flowing conversation. Here's what we took away from our interview with her, and you can watch the full episode above.

SZA is ready to come out of her shell

During the formative stage of her career, SZA self-admitted she was shy, which is not the most common trait in people who perform for a living. But after earning reps in the industry and coming into her own as an artist, it seems like the old, shy SZA is going to be a thing of the past.

“I was editing myself,” she said of her past reservations. “But now I've given up on that.”

SZA doesn't like to write for other artists

A lot of singers below the mega-star level make a ton of their money writing and producing for other artists. Get a songwriting credit on a hit song, and you're set to rake in the royalty checks for the foreseeable future.

But SZA admitted she's not totally comfortable writing music for anyone else, even if it's in her repertoire. “I don't like to,” she said. “I can't write someone else's truth. I've just started writing, I've only written for like Rihanna and Beyonce.”

SZA thinks the industry is too concerned with branding

Getting labeled a certain type of artist is increasingly useless in 2017, with hip-hop giants routinely crossing over into singing and R&B. SZA finds branding yourself in a particular way—as an artist or just in general—is way too big of a focus.

“We know a lot of Americans that are only brands. I only know what connects with people. I just have to be me,” she said. “Am I art? Am I branding myself? That's too much—I'd rather focus on the details.”

“Ctrl” is about the illusion of control

If you were wondering what the new album's focus would be, SZA elaborated on the title, telling Everyday Struggle what the meaning is behind the name.

“It's about analog and being at a time where we were brought information more slowly,” she said. “Control is a concept, you think about getting away from analog, control is an illusion, you try and force it.”

SZA believes artists have to focus on themselves

As she prepares to drop her debut album, SZA talked a lot about the creative process behind Ctrl. Though she claims you don't throw away all the musical inspiration that brought you here, she realized at a certain point an artist's work has to come predominantly from within.

“When you first make an album, you only have your favorite albums from your favorite artists,” she said. “And you don't come close to touching them. How do I satisfy myself sonically?”

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DJ Khaled Drops New Drake Collab “To the Max,” Reveals Cover Art and Release Date for ‘Grateful’

The Drake vocals have come in! Early Monday morning, DJ Khaled dropped the long-awaited Drizzy-assisted single, “To the Max.”

Feeling especially grateful, DJ Khaled revealed the cover art and release date for his forthcoming album, Grateful, which drops on June 23, 2017 and is available for pre-order right now.

On Sunday, DJ Khaled posted a message on Instagram, alongside a photo of his son, Asahd. Khaled says that this album “couldn't happen” without his son. He also promises to “make history and break world records” with this album, as well as take aim for next year's Grammy Awards.  

With DJ Khaled already dropping heat with “I'm the One” and “Shining,” Grateful is well on its way to becoming a historic album, thanks in large part to the album's executive producer Asahd.  

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Kanye West Is Reportedly Eyeing a Yeezy-Branded Calabasas High Partnership

Shortly after the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, TMZ’s ever-present cameras caught Kanye West saying he wanted to help design uniforms for all public schools in Chicago in an effort to end classism and bullying. He may be moving one step closer to bringing the Yeezy visual aesthetic to a public high school—just not his initial choice of Chicago.

A TMZ report citing anonymous sources has West reportedly eyeing an overhaul of Calabasas High School’s sports uniforms. 

“Yeezy wants to take control of the CHS sports uniforms and help to re-brand the entire program,” the report stated. “We’re told Yeezy’s team recently met with school officials to pitch a collaboration between Yeezy and CHS. Our sources say he wants to change the school’s colors and rename them from the Coyotes to the Wolves…fitting, considering he has a song with the same name.”

Aside from calling the San Fernando Valley suburb of Calabasas home, West launched a Calabasas Collection with Adidas in March. The collection, which was modeled by ASAP Nast and Ganna Bogdan, featured track pants, crew necks and the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase shoe.

West added Calabasas items into the Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week in February. The drop was decidedly a family affair, as Kim Kardashian was also spotted in the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase shoes.

There has been no word of a possible redesign from Calabasas High via the school’s official website or the athletics Twitter account.

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The Most Anticipated Albums of Summer ’17

We've been treated to a number of quality albums so far in 2017, and that will only increase with the summertime, a season typically reserved for major releases.

Some artists are returning after a lengthy musical hiatus (Haim), some are moving into position to own the year with anthems (DJ Khaled), while others are looking to show what they're truly capable of through a debut album (Camila Cabello, SZA).

To give you an idea of what's in store, we've put together a list of projects you can expect to get in the coming months. From Calvin Harris to Jay Z, these are the most anticipated albums of summer '17.

  • SZA, ‘Ctrl’

    Release Date: June 9

    Those waiting for SZA's debut album won't have to wait much longer as the TDE artist is set to release Ctrl on June 9. The project has had its share of delays in the past, but with the firm release date it's clear SZA and her team/label are both aligned and confident in what she's about to deliver to the masses.

    Previously released singles “Drew Barrymore” and “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott will both be included on the 14-song project, and we wouldn't be surprised if some of SZA's fellow TDE members pop up as well. —Edwin Ortiz

  • 2 Chainz, ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’

    Release Date: June 16

    2 Chainz is coming off an impressive 2016 run that included four projects and a grip of guest features to keep his name in the conversation. He's taking that momentum into Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, which is due out June 16, and the tracklist is stacked with features ranging from Drake to Travis Scott to Monica.

    More guests made the cut including Trey Songz, Jhené Aiko, and Ty Dolla $ign on “It's a Vibe,” as well as Gucci Mane and Quavo, who join 2 Chainz on “Good Drank.” Even though a number of big names are attached, we expect 2 Chainz to shine through like he did all last year. —Edwin Ortiz

  • Vince Staples, ‘Big Fish Theory’

    Release Date: June 23

    Long Beach rapper and Complex cover star Vince Staples recently revealed to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe that his follow-up to Summertime ‘06 is on the way. Previous release “BagBak,” as well as his newest single “Big Fish” will be on the album, and it also sounds like he locked in an eclectic guest list. After Staples' Beats 1 appearance, Lowe took to Twitter to ominously list artists among the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, Flume, and ASAP Rocky for possible features on Big Fish Theory

    It’s unclear whether these features will come to be, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

    Staples’ strength lies in his gifted storytelling through hard-hitting raps, and no matter what direction he chooses to take on this new project, it’s likely he has the insight to produce an album that’s as lyrically stimulating as it is fresh and compelling. —Nora-Grayce Orosz

  • Calvin Harris, ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’

    Release Date: June 30

    Calvin Harris has already demonstrated his prowess for producing star-studded bangers, which has led to some dubbing him the “DJ Khaled of EDM-pop.” That title is pretty on point, as his album teaser trailer boasts a long list of collaborators including: Travis Scott, Kehlani, Big Sean, Partynextdoor, Nicki Minaj, Lil Yachty, John Legend, Katy Perry, and Schoolboy Q. Finessing all these artists’ unique styles into one album could’ve been too daunting a task for a less skilled producer, but Harris seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

    His Frank Ocean and Migos super jam, “Slide,” is already poised to be song of the summer, and it isn’t a stretch to say that Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 could just be the album of the summer. His initial singles, (“Slide,” “Rollin,” “Heatstroke”) have given us a taste of what Harris is capable of creating when he fuses his own breezy electronic pop with funkier hip-hop beats and bass lines. Maybe it took splitting with Taylor Swift to realize his true powers, or maybe he’s just been waiting for the perfect moment to drop his most fire project to date, but whatever the reason, summer 2k17 is going to have him to thank when it’s released. —Nora-Grayce Orosz

  • Haim, ‘Something to Tell You’

    Release Date: July 7

    To say that the follow-up to Haim’s 2013 debut Days Are Gone is highly anticipated would be an understatement. Since the sister trio dropped their Grammy-nominated project there’s been close to radio silence regarding any new music. Thankfully, the silence has finally been broken as Something to Tell You has an official release date of July 7.

    The sisters have revealed that the new project will mark a return to their true rock roots, and, watching them perform, it’s clear that rock runs in their blood. The strength of the Haim sisters' live presence is truly captivating to witness, and likely why they chose to release their lead single “Right Now” first as a live take recorded and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The video was a comforting little peek back into the sisters’ musical lives reassuring fans that they have initiated the staging of their comeback. Haim are still keeping things mostly a mystery regarding Something to Tell You, and at this point, it’s best to keep things a mystery to make the release that much more exciting. —Nora-Grayce Orosz

  • Lana Del Rey, ‘Lust for Life’

    Release Date: July 21

    From what we know of Lust for Life so farLana Del Rey has fixed her gaze on a slightly atypical subject matter for her newest record. The melancholic pop star has transformed her signature “Hollywood sadcore” style into a more nuanced reflection of the emotional complexities many, including the singer herself, are experiencing today. Del Rey admitted that her first four albums were for her, but Lust for Life is a gift to her fans.

    With the latest release of “Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind,” it’s clear Del Rey has begun to wade into the shallow pool of “socially aware” pop music. The musings she’s presented on initial Lust for Life singles are introspective as always, but with a more optimistic tone. If this new direction wasn’t enough to get you excited for the album, the collaborations with the Weeknd, musical royalty offspring Sean Ono Lennon, and the white witch herself, Stevie Knicks, might help. Del Rey is tapping into new territory on Lust for Life and might just be her most intriguing work yet. —Nora-Grayce Orosz

  • DJ Khaled, ‘Grateful’

    Release Date: N/A

    Producer and life coach extraordinaire DJ Khaled has his tenth studio album Grateful on the way for summer 2017. With masterful executive production from his son Asahd, an endless collaboration roster of music’s elite and that ever-humble attitude, there’s really no way this album can fail.

    If the success of his “I’m the One” collaboration with Chance the Rapper, Quavo, Justin Bieber, and Lil Wayne is any indication, Grateful is destined to make some serious waves this summer. “I’m the One” marks Khaled’s first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is a testament to his ability to produce songs with widespread appeal. You can’t help but be happy for him and luckily, there’ll be many more chances for hits when his album drops. —Nora-Grayce Orosz

  • Lil Uzi Vert, ‘Luv Is Rage 2’

    Release Date: N/A

    Fans have become restless over waiting for Lil Uzi Vert’s Luv Is Rage 2, partially because he teases it in every Instagram post, but also because the Philly rapper has created a buzz unlike any other act in 2017.

    That’s only increased with the success of “XO Tour Llif3,” which has cracked the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He also earned a No. 1 earlier this year thanks to his contribution to Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” With that kind of momentum, Uzi Vert is in prime position to strike while the iron’s hot. —Edwin Ortiz

  • Travis Scott and Quavo

    Release Date: N/A

    At the top of 2017, three major collaborative rap projects seemed like more than a pipe dream: Kanye and Drake, Young Thug and Future, and Chance the Rapper x Childish Gambino. Not only does a Travis Scott and Quavo album deserve to be mentioned in that same space because of their undeniable chemistry, but we know for certain it’s happening.

    Quavo first hinted at it back in December (on Apple Music’s Beats 1), and Travis has since teased the project with two song previews (on Beats 1) and a warning that it may arrive as a surprise drop. That said, don’t be surprised if Apple Music is involved in some way. —Edwin Ortiz

  • Camila Cabello, ‘The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.’

    Release Date: N/A

    Making the transition to a solo career after gaining fame and success with a group can be tricky, but Camila Cabello has handled it well. The 20-year-old star first hit fans with “Crying in the Club,” an upbeat performance ripe for the airwaves, and followed that up almost immediately with “I Have Questions.” 

    Her debut album The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. is still without a release date, though she has marked September as the month fans can expect to hear what she’s been working on this past year. —Edwin Ortiz

  • Jay Z

    Release Date: N/A

    We’ve received a handful of signals that Jay Z’s next album is dropping soon. Among them: Swizz Beatz hinting Hov is in “album mode,” Jay lining up multiple festival appearances in early fall, and the fact that it’s been nearly four years since he dropped his last album, his longest break between projects. 

    What’s still unclear is how Hov will approach his thirteenth solo album. A lot has happened in his life since Magna Carta… Holy Grail, namely Beyoncé's Lemonade, two more kids on the way, his involvement in the streaming wars, and friend (now-foe?) Kanye calling him out. However Jay Z decides to tackle life at 47, we’re all ears. —Edwin Ortiz

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Young Thug Goes Country in New Snippet From ‘E.B.B.T.G’

Young Thug is channeling an unexpected genre for his upcoming Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls project.


A post shared by ""JEFFERY"" (@thuggerthugger1) on

On Monday night, the Atlanta rapper hit up Instagram with a preview of one of the album’s tracks. The video shows Thug sitting inside a car, jamming out to the song, which features acoustic guitars and a country-tinged flow. Social media wasn’t mad about it. In fact, many fans applauded the sound.

There aren’t many details about E.B.B.T.G., but what we do is pretty interesting. Thug announced it would be a singing album executive produced by Drake. Engineer Alex Tumay later confirmed the project was dedicated to Thug’s fiancée, Jerrika Karlae, and reassured fans it was not a joke. Tumay also said he and Thug have recorded and scrapped about a dozen songs, one of which features the rapper delivering a 24-bar verse that “sounded like Kendrick [Lamar].”

We just have one question now: When will E.B.B.T.G. finally drop?

Thugger promised fans the album would roll out weeks ago; however, we’re still waiting on an official release date. While you wait for more details to trickle in, you can check out the latest preview above.

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Here’s Why the iPhone 8 Might Cost You $1,000

The iPhone has taken over a larger percentage of the cell phone market share with each passing year, and fans of the iconic device have benefited from leaps forward in technology with each new iteration. What was once seen as a luxury device for the hungriest of tech junkies is now a staple around the world; iPhone and iOS represent about 42 percent of the market share in America, a staggering number for a single line of devices competing against a multitude of Android phones.

But if you're a loyal Apple customer, there's some bad news on the way. The price of the upcoming iPhone 8 is rumored to be trending upward after years of costs remaining relatively stable thanks to price drops in manufacturing. And these aren't cheap devices as it is—the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus currently cost between $649 for the cheapest version and $969 for the high-end version of the Plus. 

Nobody likes to hear that a device they need to replace every few years will now cost in the neighborhood of $1,000, even if cell phones are a fixture in your life. So why is the cost of your favorite cell phone going up?

New screens don't come cheap

3D Touch has been a welcome addition to the iOS universe since it was implemented for iPhone models from the 6S onward. A lot of actions that were previously tied to the home button are now able to be accessed through a variety of touch sequences on your screen, and you can conveniently pull up quick options for individual apps by long-pressing on the icon.

Unfortunately, the magic of 3D Touch—and most of what your favorite devices are capable of—is made possible through help from third parties and tech developers who work alongside giants like Apple. 3D Touch specifically goes through a firm called TPK Holdings, who previously charged between $7-9 per phone to attach 3D Touch sensors to the LCD display panels iPhones use, which kept the cost of the parts manageable.

Apple is making the switch to OLED displays in the 10th anniversary version of their phone, and that makes the manufacturing process a lot more delicate for the companies they work with. Despite some of their advantages over LCD display panels, OLED screens are more fragile, and thus have to be treated differently in the mass production lines. Glass panels will now be necessary on either side of the display in order to implement the 3D Touch sensors, and that extra step will necessitate a price hike.

Here's the kicker—while the solution for the new display will only cost about 50 percent more for the manufacturers, experts believe the cost will rise about 150 percent on the consumer end. Each set of 3D Touch sensors will now cost between $18-22.

Independent of the implementation of 3D Touch, new OLED screens are expected to add about $35 in costs, based on analysis from investors at Goldman Sachs. Screen sizes in the standard version and the “Plus” will reportedly go up, and more territory to tweet and text on will come with a cost.

The addition of wireless charging

Many of the features of the iPhone's anniversary addition have yet to be confirmed, but there has been one constant in the build-up: wireless charging. The technology has been available for some time now, but Apple has resisted making it a key feature.

If you believe the leaks about the device, however, it looks like that's the direction they're headed. Reports from Reuters and staffing changes at Apple have hinted at their desire to modify the charging capabilities of the iPhone. Even the smallest editions of the new iPhones appear to have glass backs, which makes it possible to integrate wireless charging. Since iPhone users lost the headphone jack and now rely solely on the Lightning port for their connectivity, the ability to charge your phone without using the valuable port space should be a hit with consumers.

Though the technology itself isn't particularly expensive, it is a new feature iPhones have not previously had. The ability to charge your phone a different way will free up space for use of other devices, but you can't get new things without adding parts and cost.

Low storage options are likely gone

Nobody likes to run out of space on their iPhone, but consumers often don't want to pay “extra” for the version of the iPhone that has a higher storage capacity. The cost of capacity has dropped a ton over the last decade, which helped stabilize costs as Apple continued to add more and more features to their devices.

But the iPhone 8 is expected to eliminate the lowest storage option, and the 128 GB model that is currently the mid-tier edition will now represent the base phone. In the three current versions of the iPhone 7, the price jump from each model to the next is currently another $100 each time you go up a tier. Even if that pricing structure for space simply holds in the iPhone 8, the elimination of the 32 GB model—which Apple already got rid of entirely in the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7—represents a major jump in price for the standard edition compared to the phones many of their customers are using.

This jump in price will be a little more palatable for iPhone users, since the elimination of low-capacity options should help curb the need for users to constantly clear out storage space on their phones. A 2014 survey found 91 percent of iPhone users in the U.K. had the smallest capacity device, so while storage is a big piece of the jump in price, at least you'll have plenty of space on your new iPhone if you get the cheapest version.

One thing to note, because consumers often get the two things confused—storage is a separate entity from memory, which is also being tweaked in the iPhone 8. Apple is expected to upgrade to better, faster memory in the next edition of their phones, and that's expected to cost somewhere between $16 and $29. Part of this is a problem that extends beyond Apple, however—costs for mobile DRAM chips have risen, and in many cases this has prevented manufacturers from upgrading RAM (and subsequently, speed) in their phones.

Possible dual cameras for selfies

​Front-facing cameras have been a point of emphasis for phone companies the last few years, as the selfie has become a phenomenon so big even your grandmother has probably taken one or two. From the looks of things, this could mean adding an additional camera to the front of your phone, with leaked images of the phone showing off what looks like a second camera on the front of the phone:

iphone 8 rumored look
Image via Engadget

Apple already implemented this feature in the primary camera for the iPhone 7 Plus in order to improve picture quality for consumers, particularly when zooming. Although you probably don't need to zoom more when you're taking a selfie, the new iPhones look like they're going to factor your Snapchat game into the new design. And as always, progress and pulling off a fire pose comes at a cost. 

Why you shouldn't panic

Though all of this sounds gloomy from a consumer perspective—I certainly don't want to pay an extra $100-200 whenever I have to upgrade—the silver lining is the jump in price coming attached to a boatload of upgraded features for the phone. You would definitely sign up if someone told you your current phone was going to add wireless charging, better and bigger displays, faster memory, and more storage.

Smart phones have become a massive part of how the average person interacts with the world around them, replacing other devices as they've added features over time. It used to be that you could simply call in a reservation to a restaurant on your phone. Now you can use your iPhone to match with someone on a dating app, set a reservation for dinner, read hundreds of reviews on the place, call a car to take you there, and then find an after-dinner spot in the area if the date goes well, all without having to speak a word out loud.

Apple knows how beholden you are to your phone, and they're all-in on the expensive design for the next iPhone as a result. “Apple usually explores multiple designs in parallel,” said an analyst for Goldman Sachs. “However, with only four months left until launch, we believe Apple has now locked down the design.”

But if you don't want to pony up for the latest and greatest iPhone when it drops, you always have the option to grab one of the older models once the iPhone 8 hits stores. You'll still be close to the cutting edge if you decide to buy an iPhone one or two generations behind the current model, and no one will fault you for refusing to pay a small fortune for a new cell phone as soon as it hits the market.

What once was an experimental product is now an annual fixture, which helps bring prices down quicker than you might think. You may not feel as cool if you don't get the iPhone 8 on release day, but the only thing as inevitable as the next iPhone is the next iPhone's eventual price drop. 

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Everything We Know About Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ (So Far)

During this weekend's Billboard Music Awards, it was Sway who point-blank asked Lil Uzi Vert what was up with Luv Is Rage 2. Uzi's response was a simple… and confusing: “It'll be out soon. Like, really soon. Like sooner than soon.” 

What does soon mean in rapper time? That's hard to say. Travis Scott recently said he'd be dropping new music “in a few days,” which turned into three songs being posted on his SoundCloud… 10 days later. With his insane tour schedule (and some legal trouble), we can understand Travis not being able to make it to SoundCloud-dot-com to bless the masses with new material. Uzi? Uzi's been teasing Luv Is Rage 2, the sequel to 2015's Luv Is Rage, since late 2016, though.

For true Uzi fans, how soon is “soon”?

And while we're on the subject, what do we really know about Luv Is Rage 2? If you've followed Lil Uzi Vert on Instagram, you've probably heard a grip of tracks from this project, and the anticipation is high as hell right now, especially for diehard Uzi fans (including those of the “shoot up my school because I don't have your project” variety). Let's cut the bullshit and figure out everything we know about Luv Is Rage 2.

Release Date

Again, let Lil Uzi Vert tell it, Luv Is Rage 2 is going to be out “soon.” His Twitter bio says “coming Soon,” he told Sway that it'd be dropping “sooner than soon,” and while I don't know what it means to tweet your project title next to a sleepy face emoji and a fire emoji, something tells me that too might just mean “soon.”

Let DJ Don Cannon (who co-founded the Generation Now label that Uzi calls home), though, the project isn't coming out “no time soon.” At least, that's what he said in April of 2017. “If you didn’t hear, Luv Is Rage [2] is not dropping no time soon. It’s not going to be a long time from now, but not within this month. We still working on the album. It’s a process. You got to make the album, mix the album, master the album. Put it out. That takes time when you’re perfecting it.”


During his livestream, Don Cannon also spoke on how Uzi's massive hit “XO Tour Llif3” would be getting a special guest when it hits Luv Is Rage 2, but as of right now, there's no word on WHO this guest will be. Judging by his recent output, Uzi could have everyone from Migos to ASAP Rocky to Iggy Azalea to Travis Scott and Gucci Mane on Luv Is Rage 2. Hell, he might get on his EDM shit and do something new with Steve Aoki. Both Young Thug and Wiz Khalifa were on the first Luv Is Rage release as well, so it'd be safe to assume that one of them would be on this.

In terms of producers, we'd assume that Don Cannon would be all over it, as well as Sonny Digital, TM88, FKi, and the other producers from the first Luv Is Rage. Uzi's Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World also featured beats from Metro Boomin and WondaGurl, and beatsmiths like Zaytoven and Nard & B were on The Perfect Luv Tape. We feel like somewhere in the middle of these producers (plus some surprises) will make up how Luv Is Rage 2 will sound.


This is the area we know least about. The only confirmed track on Luv Is Rage 2 is “XO Tour Llif3,” but it was also a part of the four-track Luv Is Rage 1.5 EP that dropped on Feb. 26, 2017. During the last few months, Uzi has spent time previewing track after track on Instagram. Of course, none of these have had track titles, but there's some heat in these snippets.


Love your girl more den I love myself 😌❤️® LUV IS RAGE 2

A post shared by @liluzivert on Dec 9, 2016 at 5:42pm PST



A post shared by @liluzivert on Jan 11, 2017 at 8:35pm PST


Forreal ? 🙄 LuvIsRage2🔥 coming soon® OldFlow

A post shared by @liluzivert on Dec 21, 2016 at 2:15pm PST


🔜 2.®

A post shared by @liluzivert on Nov 27, 2016 at 6:45pm PST

Hopefully most of these are on Luv Is Rage 2… or drop at some point.


This is an important moment for Uzi. After making a name for himself via his 2016 grind, this is truly the year he should be shining in. “XO Tour Llif3” proved without a shadow of a doubt that he has widely-appealing tracks at his disposal. Problem is, he's going to have to raise the bar in terms of his hit-making ability. “XO Tour Llif3” can't be the only gem on this project.

Uzi will also have to prove that he's bigger than the hype surrounding him, which usually has to do with what he has on and how he acts on stage than for his actual tracks. Uzi's feeling like the next rap superstar, and a strong showing with Luv Is Rage 2 could bode well for those claims.

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