Guest Mauro Ranallo Talks LeBron Beasting in Another L, New Michael Jordan Doc | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, sports announcer and commentator Mauro Ranallo joins Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson to discuss the Celtics beating the Cavs despite a monster game from LeBron James to take a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. With King James clearly giving his all — returning from a scary head shot to post a 42-point triple-double — the panel points fingers at the teammates who need to step their game up.

One player who would be excused if he were underperforming is Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who revealed that his mom is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for bone marrow cancer but wants him to remain focused on basketball. Mauro — who had to do a broadcast after losing a close family member — and Gil talk about trying to perform at your best when you’re enduring a personal tragedy.

Looking ahead to tonight’s Game 2 between Houston and Golden State, OOB asks if the Rockets can “withstand” Kevin Durant going off, as head coach Mike D’Antoni said they could after he torched them for 37 points in Game 1. Are the Rockets capable of shutting down one or more of the Dubs’ other stars? Plus, the panel makes their picks for the game.

Then, with the NBA Draft Lottery over and the Suns now in possession of the first overall pick, the crew debates whom Phoenix should draft at No. 1. Also, Gil explains why the NBA’s new draft lottery format designed to eliminate tanking won’t actually stop the league’s annual race to the bottom.

After ESPN Films and Netflix announced Tuesday that they will be releasing a 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan in 2019, the guys ask if it will reveal anything we don’t know about MJ or just show younger generations why he is the GOAT over LeBron and Kobe. Plus, Gil lets Mauro know why Jordan’s return to play for the Wizards wasn’t the typical case of an athlete being unwilling to move on from their playing career.

With his own documentary, Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller, premiering next Friday, May 25, on Showtime, Mauro explains the motivation behind the project, which candidly discusses his mental health issues. Plus, Gil opens up about his battle with depression and how he learned to be himself. 

Finally, with philanthropic hedge fund manager and outspoken Trump critic David Tepper expected to buy the Panthers for a record-setting $2.2 billion, OOB asks if he is precisely the kind of owner the NFL needs now. Does politics even matter when it comes to the bottom-line business of NFL ownership?

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Carolina Panthers Will Reportedly Be Sold For More Than $2 Billion

The Carolina Panthers are reportedly about to be up for sale. And, unless further details contradict this, the purchasing group so far doesn't appear to include Diddy, Stephen Curry, or anybody else you've ever heard of (probably).

ESPN is reporting that the buyer will be Pittsburgh Steelers minority owner David Tepper. Tepper is expected to put his signature on the deal on Tuesday, and the price for the team is said to be $2.2 billion. That exorbitant cost will set the mark for the highest sale price for an NFL team, beating 2014's record of $1.4 billion for the Buffalo Bills by a considerable margin. It's also equal to the price the Houston Rockets sold for last year.

The sale is expected to be approved in Atlanta on May 22 at the owners meetings. In order to make it official, three-quarters of the league's 32 owners have to give their approval. League rules also stipulate that Tepper needs to put up at least 30 percent of the sale price.

Forbes reports that Tepper has a net worth of $11 billion. Tepper, the founder of global hedge fund Appaloosa Management, will have to relinquish the 5 percent of the Steelers he owns in order to take over the Panthers.

Carolina went up for sale at the conclusion of this past season after a number of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct allegations were made against soon-to-be-former team owner Jerry Richardson. Those allegations were published in December in Sports Illustrated and included reports that Richardson sexually harassed multiple women, at least four of whom received settlements. He also allegedly used a racial slur toward one of the team's scouts, who also received a settlement.

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