DJ Khaled and Asahd Khaled Show Off Their Sneaker Collections on Complex Closets

DJ Khaled is back to break the Internet once again with Joe La Puma for Complex Closets, and this time he brought his son Asahd along to show their now-shared sneaker collection and to celebrate his first birthday.

During the episode, Khaled gives another look at his sneaker closet, which now includes sneakers for his son, Asahd, who already owns exclusive Air Jordans. He gives an in-depth look at his own “Grateful” Air Jordan IIIs that Jordan Brand gave him to celebrate his album going platinum, and he explains that the first four pairs have a misspelling on them and are worth more money. Khaled also shows unreleased Air Jordans, such as the Air Jordan IIIs for Russell Westbrook, Drake’s University of Kentucky pack, the friends-and-family version of the Kaws x Air Jordan IV, the Air Jordan Vs for Mark Wahlberg, the “Denim” Air Jordan IIIs, and tells a touching story of how he received the Air Jordan 1s for Craig Sager. He also talks about Jay Z signing a pair of the Reebok S. Carters for him, responds to Lil Yachty wanting to battle his closet, and hints that Asahd might have his own Air Jordan sneaker on the way, all while giving more keys to life.

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The Past Month on Sneaker Shopping Has Been Legendary

It's summer vacation over here at Complex Sneakers (just kidding, we're still working), and we're taking a break this week from the regularly scheduled Sneaker Shopping episode to take a look back at the past five episodes that have been some of the best to date.

Over the past five weeks, we've gone Sneaker Shopping with Diddy, Ric Flair, Neymar, and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, while getting an exclusive of Chris Brown's legendary sneaker closet. 

Take a look at the best moments of the past episodes above, which includes Neymar spending over $18,000 on sneakers. See you next Monday, folks.

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Chris Brown Shows Off The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Closets

For the latest episode of Complex Closets with Joe La Puma, Grammy-winning R&B superstar Chris Brown gives us an exclusive look at his massive, never-before-seen sneaker collection at his home in Los Angeles. The closet that takes on a department-store feel has not only never been seen by the public, but Brown hasn't even Instagrammed a sneak peek of the room that boasts piles upon piles of different types of sneakers.

In the episode, Brown explains that he changes his sneakers up to four times a day and brought around 1,000 pairs with him on the road for his recent “The Party Tour.” He also goes on in the episode to say how Allen Iverson inspired him more growing up than Michael Jordan and how he'll only wear Skechers if the brand pays him. 

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Nick Cannon Shows His Sneaker Closet

Wild’ N Out host Nick Cannon has been making people laugh for nearly 20 years, and he has the same dedication to his sneakers as he does his craft. For the most recent episode of Complex Closets, Joe La Puma met up with Cannon at his house in New Jersey and got a tour of his legendary footwear collection.

In the episode he shows the world’s most expensive shoes, a $2 million pair of Tom Ford diamond-encrusted slip-ons. When it comes to the sneaker portion of the segment, Cannon shows off a pair of custom Gucci Air Maxes, a never-before-seen Goyard/BAPE/Jordan 1 custom, and then reveals for the first time his exclusive Wild N' Out Air Jordan VIIs.

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