Chris Brown Could Get Up to 6 Months in Jail for His Pet Capuchin

Chris Brown may be heading back to jail.

The 28-year-old R&B star posted an adorable video (below) last month of his daughter, Royalty, holding their pet baby monkey, Fiji. However, not everyone thought the scene was cute. Some of Breezy's followers voiced concern about dangers of the three-year-old being next to the exotic Capuchin monkey and called up the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to report the pop star.

While Brown isn't in trouble for bringing his daughter and the exotic animal together, the Fish and Wildlife team discovered that Brown didn't have the proper permits to house the Capuchin monkey. Because of this, he can face up to six months in jail.

TMZ reports that Brown immediately turned Fiji over to the authorities when they turned up at his house with a search warrant. Now, his case sits with L.A.'s City Attorney who will be seeing Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, ASAP. Geragos also spoke with TMZ and criticized the city for “using taxpayer money on investigating monkey business.”

“As I leave my office in downtown L.A. and walk past people sleeping on the street on my way to defend people charged by the City Attorney with selling medical marijuana … now spending taxpayer money on investigating monkey business, this completes the circle on his absurdity,” he said.

The Capuchin monkey, which originates from Costa Rica's jungles, is one of the most popular animals in entertainment and is often seen in films like The Hangover 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as on TV shows, like Ross' famous pet on Friends.

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Beyonce Is Donating the Proceeds from Her New Remix of “Mi Gente” to Hurricane Relief

Beyoncé has hopped on a new version of J. Balvin and Willy William’s “Mi Gente.”

The record arrived Thursday night along with a message from Bey:

“I am donating my proceeds from this song to hurricane relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico and the other affected Caribbean islands,” she wrote on Instagram. “To help go to”

You can check out the song in the lyric video below.


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Here’s How You Can Help Florida in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

The final toll of Hurricane Irma is nowhere near clear yet, but preliminary estimates painted a dire picture for residents of the American southeast. Federal, state, and local government officials stressed a need to prepare for the worst in the state of Florida, after seeing the storm wreak all kinds of havoc in the Caribbean.

The damage done by Hurricane Harvey provided something of a warning shot for Florida residents, who saw what can happen when citizens pass on evacuating during a devastating natural disaster. That doesn't mean the circumstances were any less dire: over 1.5 million homes in Florida were without power by Sunday, and nearly 120,000 people were placed in emergency shelters in an effort to remain safe.

Though there's a lot of time and devastation still to come, getting out ahead of the damage is important in relief efforts. Some prominent figures have already stepped up to lend a hand in repair efforts, including former Spurs star Tim Duncan. The usually silent big man penned a heartfelt piece for The Players' Tribune, promising to match donations that go toward helping the U.S. Virgin Islands heal post-Irma.

“Coach [Gregg Popovich] has always been a ‘say less, do more’ kind of person, and I’ve always admired that in him and tried my best to follow his example,” said Duncan. “But Pop also knows when it’s time to talk, so in that spirit I want to take a moment to tell you why my home is so special, and why it needs your help so urgently right now.”

Florida, the Virgin Islands, and many surrounding areas will need your help in the months to come. If you're interested in making a difference, here are a few ways you can lend a hand to the recovery effort.

  • If you're an able-bodied person who lives in Florida, you can volunteer at one of the many emergency shelters set up for Irma. You can sign up to volunteer online through Volunteer Florida, a state-run organization, or call 1-800-FL-Help-1
  • The American Red Cross is accepting money for food and shelter, as well as “emotional support” for the victims of Hurricane Irma
  • GlobalGiving is accepting money that they will distribute to local groups/charities on the ground that have been vetted ahead of time, in addition to other larger charities 
  • The Salvation Army is asking for charitable donations so they can provide thousands of meals to people throughout the state
  • Monetary donations in some form may, in fact, be the best way to help if you can't be there in person. USAID's Center for International Disaster Information explains that while food, clothing, and other items may be helpful, they require transportation and pre-planned delivery to be effective. This can be expensive and logistically difficult, wasting precious time during a time of serious need.
  • By the same token, make sure your money is going toward reputable charities during this chaotic time. One way to do that is by checking with the Better Business Bureau, or to use the Federal Trade Commission's tips for identifying the right charity to donate to
  • Nurses who live in Florida are specifically being asked to help out at special-needs shelters. The state is looking for 1,000 volunteer nurses to help here
  • AirBNB is allowing hosts in the affected region offer up their home for free for evacuees during the storm
  • GoFundMe is allowing users to crowdfund relief funds on their own and has also set up the Direct Impact Fund, set up by the company to help maximize the impact of donations.

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Miss Info Investigates Why the Jamaican Beef Patty Is a NYC Icon

After canvassing the streets of Los Angeles, devouring taco after taco in Watts and Compton, our host Miss Info now turns her attention back to a familiar food icon in her own hometown of NYC: the Jamaican beef patty. 

For all the rah-rah about pizza and bagels broadcasted to the world, out-of-towners may not realize that the flaky, yellow-tinged meat turnover has infiltrated every facet of NYC life. Found in school cafeterias, street vendors, pizza shops, bodegas and, of course, Caribbean mom-and-pop bakeries in strongholds like Flatbush, the patty has inspired fierce debate. Because if you think a patty is a patty is a patty…well, you're dead wrong. 

To truly understand their place in NYC culture, it's time to talk to natives who love (and argue about them) best. From heated conversations with DJ Clark Kent, to philosophical musings in the back of a Rolls Royce with Upscale Vandal, watch the video above to find out how the patty became a NYC icon. 

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Barack Obama Will Make First Post-Presidency Public Appearance in Chicago Next Week

On Friday, the office of Barack Obama announced on Monday he would make his first public appearance since he became an ex-president, thus ending a three month period of relative inactivity and relaxation. 

While he has released public statements defending the Affordable Care Act, and supporting protests of successor Donald Trump's travel ban, he has spent a good deal of his time vacationing in Palm Springs, California, French Polynesia, and on a Caribbean island with Richard Branson.

Since you're probably wondering, he is not expected to go after Trump at the event. Instead it'll be a town hall talk, at the University of Chicago, that will be held with some young adults about “community organizing and civic engagement.” The discussion is set to be Pres. No. 44's reentry into the public sphere. “This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world,” said his reps in a statement, according to The Hill.

Sounds like you can expect plenty of talk about how the youth can get involved with their communities, delivered with those patented William Shatner-esque pauses he always does. Should be a piece of cake compared to his old job.

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Your EDM Interview: London Future

This week we catch up with genre-fluid artist London Future, who talks us through his way of making music, and why he chose to work in the world of production and songwriting.

The end of 2016  saw the release of ‘Don’t Stop’ through Ultra. Was that a good way to round off the year?

Indeed, the perfect way to end off a very rough year and the start of a new promising year. I’m always happy to get my new music out there.

How long did the track take to complete? Did you know straight away you wanted to work with Jem Cooke?

‘Don’t Stop’ actually took a few weeks of post-production until I was comfortable enough to send it off. I’ve yet to met Jem Cooke but she truly has amazing talent, I hope we can write more music in the near future.

What do you consider three of your biggest achievements from the last 12 months?

Being able to work with talent from my home country (Trinidad & Tobago) and then have said music released worldwide, would most definitely be my biggest achievement. Playing Tomorrowland for the first time was also a highlight, along with travelling the world and eating healthier.

You have done some wicked vocal collaborations within your catalogue, do you have plans for anymore at the moment?

Yes, they’ve been great to work with. This year I have a number of new vocal tracks to drop. I’m most excited about my song with Grammy Award Winner and legend Sean Paul. Looking forward to that release along with others I’ve produced while travelling between the Caribbean, Toronto, LA and Europe.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hadn’t heard your music before?

Hard to describe; a mix of what I’ve known and grown up with in Soca/dancehall with a current trap  and hip-hop influences. I always describe my expression of art as the “unfound sound”, but I can feel we are well on the way to being heard and found!

What do you consider the pros and cons of being a musician?


  • (Mostly) self-determined success
  • Endless opportunity for growth
  • Cool job
  • Cyclical stress patterns (work really hard, then take some time off > working kind of hard all the time)
  • Travel
  • Free food
  • Free drinks


  • Everyone else is relaxing when you’re working (what do you mean you can’t come the BBQ/christening/bachelor party?)
  • If you’re chasing stardom, your career will probably be short-lived

Get ‘Don’t Stop’ here. 

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Your EDM Interview: London Future