Cardi B Is Coming After the Hackers Who Leaked Explicit Videos

The holiday weekend brought plenty of drama for Cardi B and Offset.

On the same day Cardi’s new single “Bartier Cardi” dropped, a video of an unidentified woman dancing naked in a hotel room surfaced online. Offset allegedly filmed the footage one month before he proposed to Cardi, thus setting off a wave of cheating accusations. Sources said the video was leaked by someone who hacked into Offset’s iCloud account. The hacker is also accused of sharing explicit videos of Cardi that were filmed during her days working as a stripper.

As if the holidays aren't stressful enough…

It seemed the couple were unfazed by all the whispers and scandal, though. Shortly after the cheating rumors flared, Cardi and Offset posted a video in which they were seen simulating sex. Many people assumed the footage was real; however, a spokesperson for Cardi told TMZ it was all “a joke” and that both parties were completely clothed during the filming.

As for those leaked videos of naked Cardi? Well, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper isn’t really stressing about it. She took to social media to remind everyone that before she blew up, her job was to get naked.

But just because the couple is seemingly unbothered by all the leaks, that doesn’t mean they’re going to let the hacker get away with it. Cardi's attorney, Scott Mason, told TMZ that because the videos were obtained illegally, their team is doing a full investigation to track the culprit down. Once the suspect is identified, Mason said they intend to take legal action. 

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Cardi B Explains Why She Was ‘So Nervous’ to Record “Um Yea” With Offset

Cardi B and Offset aren’t afraid to mix business with pleasure. The newly engaged couple has teamed up on a number of records, such as “Lick,” “MotorSport,” and now “Um Yea,” from Quality Control’s new Control the Streets Vol. 1 compilation. Though the latter track is the most recent, Cardi revealed it marked her first-ever recording session with her husband-to-be—a moment that may have solidified their relationship.

“[T]his was the first time I ever got In the studio with @offsetyrn. I did LICK way before he featured on it, anyways i was soo nervous cause he was looking at me like ‘let’s see if she really be doing this shit on her own,’” the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wrote on Instagram. “[T]hen I got in the booth […] Had to show his ass why he had to put a ring on this finger.”

She clearly did something to impress him. 

Following weeks of engagement rumors, Offset proposed to Cardi in October during Power 99's Powerhouse in Philadelphia. Cardi expressed her love for the Migos member shortly after, writing on Instagram: “Thank you for seeing the potential in me since you met me. For giving me advice molding me and loving me […] I can’t wait to spend FOREVAAAA with you. Lets make a lot shmoney and love together.”

The couple reportedly has another collaboration on deck. Back in September, Quavo told TMZ that Cardi would be featured on Migos’ upcoming album Culture 2, which is set to drop in early 2018.  

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Tiffany Haddish Opens Up About Putting EGOT Winner Barbra Streisand Onto Cardi B

Thank Tiffany Haddish when you see Babs doing “Bodak Yellow.”

Watch Lil Peep’s Long Beach Memorial Service



Fans, friends, and family came together Saturday to celebrate the life of Lil Peep, who tragically died of a suspected overdose on Nov. 15.

The memorial service—which took place in Long Beach, New York—began with a speech by Lil Peep’s grandmother Jenny Kastner (32-minute mark). She told the crowd she received a lot of encouraging messages from the rapper’s fans and that she was “very touched by how many of them really [understood] him.” Kastner went on to read a couple of fan letters, the first of which praised Lil Peep (real name Gus Ahr) for being so open and accessible to his fanbase. The second message focused on the rapper’s uniqueness and influence on the world.

“He wasn’t the modern-day Kurt Cobain, by the way. He is the first and only Lil Peep,” Kastner read from the letter (34:25), “and arguably left behind a legacy that will have a far greater impact. His kindness will live on through lots of people.”

Lil Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, took the stage moments later, recounting a conversation she had with her son Oskar shortly after Lil Peep died.

“One of the things Oskar said to me was, ‘Momma, just think of what he accomplished in barely 21 years […] Most people never get to do in their entire lifetime what Gus did in 21 years,’” Womack recalled. “[…] Gus did it. He lived his own life on his own terms. He was a stubborn, driven, talented, crafty, observant, and tender young man. Gus was also vulnerable.”

Womack went on to speak about her son’s view of the world, and how he refused to conform to society’s expectations. She said he began to display his rebellion by getting a tattoo, which led to another tattoo, and another, and many more after that. The more he looked like an outsider, the more he was treated like an outsider, his mother explained.

“Years later, Gus told me that it was easy to tell the difference between the people who saw his tattoos when they looked at him, and the people who saw him [for who he was],” Womack said, before encouraging others to look beyond superficial observations. […] Please do not make assumptions about people or events in ignorance […] Try to step outside of your own box and open your mind to new ideas. My sweet Lil Peeper is gone now, but he has surely left us a lot of wonderful material to review and consider […] I am so proud of him. You have no idea.”

You can watch the full memorial service, which included speeches by friends and colleagues, in the video above. And watch Good Charlotte's performance of “Awful Things” below. 

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Cardi B Is in No Rush to Finish Her Debut Album

We probably shouldn't expect Cardi B's debut album anytime soon.

For the latest update on the still-in-progress untitled album, Cardi B confirmed Sunday that she's taking her time to craft something that feels “right.” As previously teased, Cardi added that she's finished multiple songs for the debut that were later shelved because she didn't think they were album-worthy. “I have a lot of pressure on me,” Cardi tweeted:

When a fan posited that she should host private listening sessions for the album to crowdsource feedback, Cardi revealed she's considered doing exactly that:

Cardi has made similar comments before, most notably in her recent Rolling Stone cover story. She said she has “six, seven solid songs” she feels are album quality, though she admitted her opinion of them could very well change within a month. “It's not as fun to do music,” she said. “My mind doesn't flow as free 'cause I have so much on my mind.”


Though many are placing pressure on Cardi to capitalize on the success of her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” (and the string of hit features she's released since), others—including J. Cole—have advised her to ignore those expectations and just worry about the work. “You already won,” Cole told her in September. “Just drop and repeat.”

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Offset Proposed to Cardi B and She Said Yes

Offset has proposed to Cardi B. Offset asked the very large question on bended knee (sort of, it was more of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Migos thing) at Power 99's Powerhouse in Philadelphia. The two have been dating since the top of the year. Watch the cuteness of the proposal and Cardi's ecstatic reaction below. 


#TSRProposals: #Offset proposed to #CardiB at #powerhouse broooo

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Oct 27, 2017 at 8:15pm PDT


#OFFSET JUST PROPOSED IM SCREAMING 😩😨😨❤️ – @offsetyrn @iamcardib

A post shared by #1 Offset ❤️ Cardi B Fanpage ( on Oct 27, 2017 at 8:18pm PDT

Cardi took to Instagram to express her love for Offset following the proposal. 

People responded to the beautiful news on the very popular website 

Rumors that the couple got engaged started to circulate not too long back. It began after the two went jewelry shopping in Atlanta back on August 22. 

An article from Real Cool Nation titled “Exclusive: Cardi B Just Got Engaged To Migos Rapper Offset — He Proposed Last Night!” was published and added fuel to the fire. The article turned out not to be true, well, not until now at least. 

Cardi is featured on Migos' new Culture 2 single “MotorSport” featuring Nicki Minaj. The track came out just hours prior to the proposal. Both Offset and Cardi B's 2017, even not taking into account this whole engagement​ business, has been spectacular. 

Cardi's summer anthem “Bodak Yellow” clenched the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 while Offset's group Migos dropped their second studio album Culture. The album debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200 and reached platinum status back in July.

Congratulations are in order, so congratulations to Cardi B and Offset. 

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Cardi B Explains Cryptic ‘Single’ Instagram Post: ‘I Was Really Upset’

When Instagram aped Snapchat’s “Stories” feature, the mini-clips were set by default to disappear within 24 hours. That setting will likely work to Cardi B’s benefit Saturday after the reality show star-turned chart-topping rapper posted a message hinting at a breakup with her boyfriend and Migos member Offset. Cardi posted a selfie with a text overlay simply reading “Single.”


Peace nikka ✌🏽

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Oct 20, 2017 at 6:44pm PDT

She then appeared to double down on the claim with a standard Instagram picture post featuring her throwing up the “peace” sign with both hands with a caption that read “Peace nikka.”

It was a seemingly abrupt about-face for a couple that was surrounded by some false engagement rumors as recently as August. Despite the fact that many celebrity relationships have the lifespan of a common fruit fly, mutual fans of Cardi and Offset took to Twitter and went into freak out mode.

Later Saturday, by Cardi’s own admission, cooler heads prevailed. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper explained her rationale for the relationship status update.

Image via
Image via

“So listed babes, I exaggerated a lil bit ’cause earlier I was really upset and the Bronx girl in me always have to go to the extreme,” Cardi said in a subsequent IG Stories post. “I came to my senses now. I’m sorry…Waffle House on me?”

Most fans will likely never find out what caused the spat between Cardi B and Offset because it’s none of our collective business. However, hours after everything calmed down, Cardi had some jokes about the source of the friction.

“Reasons why me and Offset got into it …I think he stoled my purple blanket but it wasn’t him so I’m still looking for the suspect,” she tweeted when fans flooded her mentions about the potential split.

“Why my dad was yelling at me cause somebody told him me and Offset broke up😒..and I’m quick cut my dad off so don’t get comfortable,” Cardi joked via Twitter, referencing a prominent line from the chorus of “Bodak Yellow.”

If Cardi B and Offset were your figurative #RelationshipGoals, you can take solace in the fact that love’s turbulent emotional waters can be navigated by a patty melt and some “scattered, covered and chunked” hash browns at the nearest Waffle House. Love wins.

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L.A. Residents Sound Off on Whether Cardi B Will Be a One-Hit Wonder

For two weeks in a row, Cardi B has sat atop the Billboard charts with her smash hit single “Bodak Yellow.” The unconventional summer low-burner is a phenomenon, and the crowning achievement of Cardi's rapid rise from viral fame to blockbuster sales. “Bodak” is a hit, but for anyone who catches the world's attention as quickly as she has there's going to be one question on everyone's mind: Will this be the only one? Cardi is a sensation, but the pressure will be high to see if she can repeat her success so far. Complex hit the streets of L.A. to find out whether people think Cardi B is destined to be a one-hit wonder, or if “Bodak Yellow” will be one of many times we'll be seeing Cardi on the charts from here on out. 

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Safaree Believes Nicki Minaj Is Sweating Over Cardi B’s Success

Because of the world we live in, there seems to only be a few women in the hip-hop game that people talk about. Think about it: even though Cardi B is the people's champ, the conversation immediately cycled to how Nicki Minaj would be reacting to Cardi's “Bodak Yellow” going No. 1, or Cardi being a “poor man's Nicki” or how Cardi reacts when Nicki is even mentioned in conversation. That said, you can't have Nicki's ex Safaree on Everyday Struggle and NOT expect Akademiks or Joe Budden to ask him about the Cardi/Nicki situation.

Around the 30:45 mark in the video up above, Ak point-blank asks Safaree if he feels Cardi has Nicki sweating, to which Safaree simply says, “100 percent.” When Budden asks Safaree why he feels that way, he replies, “Because I know how she is.” Nicki did tweet congrats to Cardi when the news was announced, to which Safaree chalks up to one thing: “You can't like… a hater.” Why would he think she was playing a role as opposed to being sincere with her congrats? Safaree says “if you know somebody, you don’t even have to second guess or wonder.”

That wasn't the only time Nicki's name came up, though. After shying away from breaking down what, specifically, he wrote for her during their relationship, Safaree also answered the question of Nicki possibly falling off by changing from one mink coat to another (28:18 in the video), harkening back to that viral freestyle from back in September.

What Safaree would get into is the altercation with Meek Mill's crew during the BET Awards weekend back in June. As Safaree puts it (around the 14:55 mark), the funny thing was that “I was waiting for my security,” which drew laughs from the crew. He was outside for “30 seconds” talking to “a camera dude” that he knew. Safaree then said he was speaking with DJ Self when all of the sudden, “Boom, I just felt that shit happen in the back of my head.” After getting hit, Safaree remembered that he saw “two people” coming at him “from the front,” and “another group of more people coming at me from the side,” and that's when he started running. He eventually got caught by a bunch of people and getting hit by the side of a car (Safaree remembers just seeing “feet shuffling”), and when he had an open moment, he took off.

When asked about his friend that stayed to fight, Safaree says he “didn't even realize what was happening,” and that he “wanted to go back,” but at that point the people who beat on him were gone.

Safaree got into so much more, from feeling like he has a “black cloud” over him to his lifestyle these days. You can check out all of the full interview with Safaree on Everyday Struggle up above.

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