Oregon Eclipse Promises To Be The Global Event Of A Lifetime [Full Lineup]

Oregon Eclipse is the culmination of an unprecedented collaboration between eleven of the world’s greatest festivals (Bass Coast, Envision, Hardra Trance Festival, Noisily, Ometeotl, Origin, Rainbow Serpent, Re:birth, Symbiosis Gathering, Sonic Bloom, and Universo Parallelo).

This incredible gathering centers around immersive art installations, educational workshops, and over 50,000 acres of pristine lake-side wilderness, providing the perfect complement to the singular natural phenomenon that is a solar eclipse. Honestly, truly, sincerely, this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Over 300 artists will be gracing the festival’s seven thematic stages, providing a musical assortment as vast as the participating cultures from around the world. Each stage will host its own unique atmosphere and lineup, intersecting the gathering’s common thread of celestial grandeur. From G Jones, Bassnectar, Beats Antique, CocoRosie, The String Cheese Incident, Bleep Bloop, and more, the entire seven days of Oregon Eclipse is going to be something extremely special.

Even more awe-inspiring is the festival’s “no-screen” policy. That’s right, you won’t find massive LED walls towering over stages. Instead, master craftsmen are preparing a creative feast of physical structures and immersive design. Symbiosis says it best:

“There are some amazing things to see in the world, from works of art, vistas on mountaintops, or underwater preserves. But nothing can prepare you for the majestic spectacle of a total solar eclipse.”

After five years of searching, organizers found the perfect venue, and what better way to celebrate such an occasion than with thousands of like-minded humans at the wilderness oasis of Big Summit Prairie Ranch, OR.

Don’t wait to swoop up tickets for Oregon Eclipse, this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle is already near capacity. Click here for more information, and check out the incredible lineup below.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Oregon Eclipse Promises To Be The Global Event Of A Lifetime [Full Lineup]

Wobbleland Is A Bass Head’s Dream Destination Festival

If you’re a bass head in California, you’ve heard of Wobbleland. The festival that Vital Events started years ago has finally grown into a full-fledged 3-day event for the first time ever this year, and the booking team didn’t waste any time in filling up those time slots with the best that current bass music has to offer.

If you were looking for trap, boom: Party Favor, Quix, Jameston Thieves b2b Yookie, Valentino Khan.
If you were looking for bass house, boom: Sam F b2b Yntendo, Joyryde, Bishu, Datsik.
If you were looking for dubstep, well… there’s too many to count. It is Wobbleland after all.

From 7pm until 2am every night, thousands of bass heads poured into the San Jose City National Civic, adorned in kandi and Wobbleland & Damascus apparel, ready to headbang their little hearts out. Starting off the first day with four epic b2b sets, including a massive Phiso b2b Aweminus b2b Definitive set right in the beginning of the evening was a bold move, but it easily set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Luca Lush b2b Josh Pan was next, followed by KRANE b2b Alexander Lewis, and let me tell you… you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a man cover Keys N Krates’ “Dum De Dum” live with a freaking trombone. You just haven’t.

And as crazy as the first day was, the second day didn’t really let up at all. Starting off with Jameston Thieves b2b Yookie straight into an ear-melting set from Midnight Tyrannosaurus was just what the crowd needed to shake off the sleepy eyes from the night before. This was then followed by sets by Bleep Bloop, Jackal, Kayzo, Party Favor, and then Zomboy… so you can imagine how sore necks were after that. This was personally my favorite night of the show – too many homies to count.

For the final night, things seemed a little quieter, a little calmer (at least early on). Fans were noticeably tired and exhausted, but they paid for a 3-day ticket and they damn sure weren’t gonna let that go to waste. The night definitely started off slower than the previous two, with Bishu going into Woolymammoth. But by the time QUIX came on at 9pm, all bets were off. He threw down definitely one of the best sets of the weekend, determined to not be upstaged by who was on next… Trollphace b2b Trampa. If you were waiting for the hardest, most bass-heavy set of the weekend, you found it.

The rest of the night played out with Joyryde, Valentino Khan and Datsik in proper succession, breaking necks like you would only expect.

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the VIP area with sets from Aweminus b2b Sudden Death, Cherney, Oolacile, Juju and more… but unfortunately, this spot was often overlooked in favor of the more grand main stage. Even still, all artists who played in the VIP area gave it their all and those in attendance were thankful for it.

Despite some issues with security throughout the weekend, most people would say that the first 3-day Wobbleland was an unadulterated success. The next major Vital Events show is Toxic Summer in just a few months! Will it be able to live up to Wobbleland? Damn straight, it will.


Photos via Scotch Photos, Jared

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Wobbleland Is A Bass Head’s Dream Destination Festival