Lou Williams Talks About Breaking Up With 1 of His 2 Girlfriends

When you hear the name Lou Williams, what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? Despite the stellar NBA career he’s put together since first entering the league back in 2005, it’s probably not his 12.8 points per game career scoring average. It’s also probably not the fact that he’s spent time playing for the 76ers, Hawks, Raptors, Lakers, Rockets, and, most recently, Clippers. Even Williams’ Sixth Man of the Year award in 2015 is probably an afterthought for most people.

Instead, the first thing most people think about when they hear Williams’ name is that, back in 2014, a Baller Alert report revealed he was openly dating two women at the same time. Drake also mentioned Williams’ unorthodox dating situation on his song, “6 God.” Williams had two girlfriends named Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell—or “Blonde” and “Brown,” as he often referred to them on social media—and from the sounds of things, the women were both fine with the arrangement with Williams.

This led more than a few NBA fans to christen Williams “the real MVP.”

Even J.R. Smith was blown away by the dating setup Williams had with the two women.

Unfortunately, we have some very sad news to share. In recent weeks, as Williams has dealt with being at the center of trade rumors and being snubbed for this year’s NBA All-Star Game despite playing some of the best basketball of his career, people have wondered about the status of his relationship. In fact, if you search “Lou Williams girlfriends” on Twitter, you’ll find that people haven’t stopped talking about the Lou-Will x Blonde x Brown dynamic since it became public knowledge more than three years ago. People are still fascinated by it.

But it sounds like Williams is no longer running the triangle offense with Henderson and Mitchell. Sports Illustrated reporter Lee Jenkins profiled Williams for the latest issue of the magazine and asked him about how things are going with his two girlfriends. Williams responded by revealing that, while he’s still dating Rece, he is no longer cozying up with Ashley at the same time. Williams said he's still friendly with Ashley, but for reasons he didn’t get into while speaking with Jenkins, the trio has turned into a duo.



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At least, that’s what we think. Who knows? Maybe Ashley has been replaced with a new woman. Williams didn’t elaborate. But he did say that he still gets asked about having two girlfriends regularly. He also talked about how—news flash—he isn’t the first NBA player to openly date two women who are OK with it at the same time.

“I hear about it every day,” Williams told Jenkins. “Every single day. More players do that than you know. I was just the first person to have it mentioned on a song.”

You can go here to read the rest of Jenkins’ excellent piece on Williams.

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Rick Ross Takes Jab at Birdman Over Report That He’s About to Lose a Mansion

Rick Ross is going to constantly remind Birdman about his money problems and legal situation with Lil Wayne until he pays up.

The latest jab comes from Renzel’s Snapchat, responding to an AllHipHop report (via The Blast) that Birdman is selling his Miami mansion on Palm Island. Stunna bought the 19,000 sq. ft. mansion for $14.5 million in 2012, which was once owned by former Rockstar Energy CEO Russell Weiner and Scott Storch.

In June, he listed the home for $20 million to recoup the renovations he’s done over the years. You can check out images of the mansion below.

In his Snap, Ross breaks down the logic behind Birdman’s purchase. He allegedly took out a loan in 2015 for $12 million from a company named Easy Money EMG that's based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He put the mansion as a collateral for the loan.

“You ain’t have no money in six-seven years, n***a. You should have came and borrowed some from Rozay. Now you want to fuck that old lady life up too. You probably borrowing some money from her,” Ross says.

“I might go buy that house on the water,” he adds. “Just to keep my boat at it. I won’t even stay there, that shit is too small.”


From the desk of #RickRoss #birdman

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Earlier this year, Ross called out Birdman for not paying Lil Wayne and countless other Cash Money producers on “Idols Become Rivals.” He hasn’t stopped spreading the message, urging Birdman to “pay that man.” And this is after Birdman exploded on Instagram Live about all the chatter surrounding him and Weezy, telling his followers about their history and that he’ll make sure he’s “straight” when the timing is right.

If Birdman can’t pay for his mansion, what makes us think he can pay Wayne’s $51 million lawsuit?

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Things Got Awkward When Cardi B Was Asked About Nicki Minaj on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Fresh off Rihanna’s Diamond Ball Thursday night but without her gorgeous ball gown, Cardi B visited The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about her quick rise to fame, her boyfriend Offset, and more. The most interesting part of the interview was when Cardi was asked to address the rumors that she has an issue with Nicki Minaj.

After Charlamagne tha God​ and Envy both continued to ask her about Nicki and refused to take her deflections as an answer, Cardi said, “We just conversated man. And that's it.” Her entire demeanor changed as soon as she realized she had to answer the question, and she responded to it as though she wanted to avoid the topic altogether. To be honest, we can’t blame her—it seems like people just won’t stop trying to connect what she says to Nicki, no matter what either of them say.

Many have chalked up one of Cardi's lines on G-Eazy’s “No Limit”—namely, “Can you stop with all the subs?/Bitch, I ain’t Jared”— as a dig directed at Minaj.

Cardi brushed off the idea that the line on “No Limit” was aimed at Minaj, and added that she still lives in the Bronx and “people don’t understand that I got beef with 10 bitches in the hood, and I still be in the hood.”

Charlamagne then got straight to the point and asked her point blank if she and Nicki have beef. Cardi just shook her head before breaking out in her characteristic laugh and saying, “She ain’t never fuck my man!”

The main takeaway is that if we are to believe Cardi, there is no beef, but we probably shouldn't expect her to give any more details soon. You can watch the rest of her interview up top or just the Nicki Minaj segments in the video below. 


#CardiB talks#NickiMinaj #sommore, her ex, and more (via @breakfastclubam @power1051) (swipe)

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The Game: Meek Mill and Safaree Should Fight One-on-One

Should Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels throw down? The Game is all for it.

Following BET’s Celebrity Basketball Game on Saturday, TMZ caught up with The Game to get his thoughts about the beef between Meek and Safaree. Though the West Coast rapper said he wants to stay out of the feud, he fully supported a one-on-one fight between Nicki Minaj’s exes.

“Why not meet up and fight one-on-one? You know what I’m saying? It’s only fair,” he said. The cameraman went on to ask The Game how he thinks the brawl should go down. Should it go down in the streets? Or a proper boxer ring?

“However they want to do it, man. Let’s get it done,” The Game said.

The beef between Meek and Safaree intensified this weekend during DJ Khaled's pre-BET Awards party in West Hollywood. Footage from that night shows Safaree getting jumped in the street as Meek looks on. Shortly after the incident, the Love & Hip Hop star posted his own video, claiming Meek and his crew were behind the attack.

“Saw Meek, he hopped out [of his car], then I just got snuffed,” he says. “Ni**as jumped me […] Meek, you are the biggest pussy on this planet. You saw me, you ain't do shit, you had your ni**as jump me. One-on-one you can't fuck with me, so that's why you had to do that.”

If Safaree does want to take on Meek, he might have to wait in line. Though The Game said he wasn’t getting involved in this situation, it seems he has his own score to settle with the Philadelphia rapper. The two have been trading shots for a while now—both on social media and in records. There was also that time The Game challenged Meek to a fight. Obviously, that match never happened, but, as pointed out by Baller Alert, The Game is still up for it:


Ballerific Comment Creepin —- 🌾👀🌾 #thegame #commentcreepin

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Awkwardness Ensues When Drake and Rihanna End Up at a Kid’s Birthday Party Together

Being invited to a kid's birthday party is one of the worst things that could possibly happen to an adult. As if being surrounded by children and a dearth of party substances wasn't enough, apparently kids' birthday parties are also a likely place to bump into a former alleged ex:


That awkward moment when you and your ex show up to the same party #rihanna #drake

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on Apr 9, 2017 at 6:19pm PDT

Drake and Rihanna were spotted at a kid's party in Los Angeles over the weekend, according to E! News. Judging by some since-deleted (but predictably ripped) Snapchat footage of the birthday get-together, Drake and Rihanna reacted to each other's presence in the exact same way that you or I might react if placed in a similar situation: They kinda just ignored each other.

In the footage, Rihanna is seen interacting with the children. Drake, at one point, is filmed appearing to attempt a jacket zip-up on a jacket that has already been completely zipped up. So, you know, they were both doing the same stuff anyone would be doing when trapped at a child's birthday party with an alleged ex. The key is to remain as busy and engaged with literally anyone or anything else, thus ensuring neither of you has to acknowledge the other at all.

Tragically, Drake and Rihanna—who have battled dating rumors since as far back as 2009—reportedly split up in October 2016 after a few months of headlines and started seeing other people. According to E! News, this most recent split may not be final. “Anything can change between them though, for better or worse,” some sort of “source” told E! after last year's breakup. 

The real lesson here is that you should never, ever, ever accept an invitation to a kid's birthday party.

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Meek Mill Insinuates Nicki Minaj Pays Hip-Hop Blogs to Discredit Him

The fallout from Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s short-lived romance has produced tabloid fodder and some fuel for Remy Ma’s epic diss track, “shETHER.” Now it appears conspiracy theories can be added to that list, courtesy of a since-deleted Instagram comment by Meek himself.

Meek specifically took aim at Karen Civil and the site Baller Alert with a lengthy post about what appeared to be a series of unflattering posts.

“Y’all be hating with y’all corny ass captions…” Meek wrote. “This a club and I’m not performing. I’m just letting the 2300 people that came to [sic] club hear me…y’all bum ass internet hoes being paid by Nicki lol to try to Discredit my name @karencivil @ballerert [sic] my sister tryna catch up with y’all cornball ass bitches … this my last time speaking on y’all miserable ass clowns lol by the way Karen I got the tapes of ya corny ass saying nicki paying y’all for this geek shit …. After all I did for ya nut ass y’all sold y’all souls for a few bands … why y’all don't post about that man molesting that lil girl? Oh I forgot y’all on payroll … and robin im in the a u gone learn about playing wit my plate! I dare one of y’all to say something Ima [sic] expose this wack ass blog platform.”

Meek has since deleted his comment featuring the inflammatory claims, but you can view Meek’s deleted post above courtesy of a screen capture by Philly Customs.

Among the allegations of paid, unflattering content was what appeared to be a shot at Nicki Minaj's brother and his upcoming trial. After reportedly turning down two plea deals, Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj is scheduled to stand trial after being indicted for rape charges stemming from a 2015 allegation. Earlier this year, Meek Mill deleted his Instagram account entirely, so there is somewhat of a precedent for his social media behavior.

Neither Minaj nor Civil, a brand and marketing strategist, have publicly responded to the claims of taking payments to post unfavorable content about Meek. ​

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