Jalen Rose Calls Paul Pierce ‘Petty’ Over Celtics Remarks, Pierce Fires Back With ’81’ Joke

The NBA is taking #PettyWarz to a whole new level in 2018.

First, a little in-game wrassling between the Rockets and Clippers spilled into a locker room confrontation that had Twitter aflame with things like secret tunnels, diversions, Austin Rivers being arrogant, and LAPD takeovers. The following night, Orlando guard Arron Afflalo threw a reckless haymaker at Minnesota's Nemanja Bjelica. Then, after Michael Carter-Williams and Tim Frazier became the NBA's eighth and ninth ejections over the past three days, Wizards coach Scott Brooks dialed it up yet another notch by inviting Dwight Howard back onto the court to shoot the technical free throws, only to see Howard make both, do the Sam Cassell big balls dance, and blow a kiss to the Washington coach.


But perhaps the juiciest story of all revolves around Paul Pierce and Isaiah Thomas. Most of you know the details by now: Celtics announce celebration for Thomas during Feb. 11 Cleveland-Boston matchup; Pierce gets angry, wants own night for his jersey retirement; former Celtics sit down beside campfire, gush about how amazing they were; media/Twitter (ahem, Shannon Sharpe) remind Pierce he's no Kobe; Thomas posts veiled “hating hours” Instagram message. It could be the plot for season 2 of Big Little Lies.

Yesterday on ESPN's NBA Countdown, Jalen Rose summed up the whole thing when he called Pierce “petty” to his face, and the resulting back and forth had Pierce looking like he was ready to risk his job. (Thomas, for his part, liked the clip on social media.)

I mean, is Jalen Rose not correct? The Celtics honoring Isaiah during the game does not take away from Pierce's moment afterward. The Celtics honoring Isaiah for not just his play on the court but for what he inspired in their fans and the Boston community does not take away from Pierce's moment afterward.

Of course, being that petty is the theme of the month, Pierce wouldn't let it go, coming back at Rose with yet another “81” joke. The former Toronto Raptors guard will probably never live these down, but at least he can take it and keep it moving.

And the critics say the NBA isn't entertaining anymore because the Cavs and Warriors always win. 

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Offset Gets Cardi B’s Name Tatted on His Neck

Cardi B and Offset's relationship sure is eventful. The Shade Room posted an Instagram video on Sunday of the power couple's newest escapade: Cardi's name tattooed on Offset's neck. In the video, we see his neck and a hand with long, manicured pink nails—which we can only guess are Cardi's—pushing his hair out of the way to reveal the tattoo. The person taking the video makes a kissing noise before it cuts off.


#TSRTattz – Y’all feelin’ #offset ‘s new #CardiB tatt?

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Jan 14, 2018 at 8:02am PST


The two have had a memorable relationship since they started dating in February 2017, about a month after the release of their collaborative cut “Lick.” Since then, they've gone through many ups and downs, most recently dealing with rumors of Offset cheating. Offset allegedly filmed a woman dancing naked in a hotel room a month before he proposed to Cardi on October 27, 2017.

This month, Cardi rather cryptically responded to the accusations on social media. On Instagram, she responded to a fan's comment wondering about the status of their relationship: “Well, if people are talking about it and keep asking me how I feel about the situation, why not let them know? Right or wrong? No, it’s not right for a nikka to cheat… But what you want me to do? Go fuck me another nikka? Start all over again and get cheated on again? This shit happens to everyone,” she wrote. “People handle they relationship different soo.”

But with the Migos rapper's new ink, it seems like all is well in the kingdom of Offset and Cardi B. The Bronx native has had an amazing year, with Billboard announcing that four of her songs are in the top 10 tracks on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart—something only Beyoncé's accomplished.

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Here’s a List Albums We’re Still Waiting On in 2018

2017 was a banner year for hip-hop. Fans got projects from their favorite legends (Jay Z, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Big Boi, Gucci Mane) and new legends (Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil B, Vince Staples, Rapsody), as well as got introduced to a slew of upcoming artists that are looking to make an impact in 2018. Yet, even with such an abundance of music to choose from, we’re still waiting on albums by the likes of Pusha T, Earl Sweatshirt, Travis Scott, The Internet, and much more.

In regards to Earl, he has promised new music in 2018, which is good news for people who have been anticipating a follow-up to his 2015 output, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Travis Scott and Quavo gave us an early Christmas present with Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho, but Scott’s AstroWorld  and a Quavo solo project will likely be the most-talked about albums of the New Year. Finally, after months of singles and killer verses over some popular songs, Nicki Minaj is poised to remind everyone why she’s one of the greatest MCs and a pop force with her new album.

Certainly there’s plenty of more albums we’re anticipating, but here’s a list of albums that we need right now.

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Trippie Redd, Jessie Reyez, and More Artists Set to Take Over in 2018

It’s almost the end of the year, and 2017 was a crazy one for music. We heard some incredible albums, listened to some amazing songs, and were introduced to a lot of great new artists. 2018 is probably going to be a breakout year for a lot of them, and for our latest P&P Update video we take a look at just four artists set to take over.

Watch the video above, and see more video content with Trippie Redd, Injury Reserve, Jessie Reyez, and Joji below.

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The Best of Everything in 2017

For a number of reasons, 2017 was a trying year. From a total shift in the White House to the continued national anthem protests to thousands of women speaking out about the sexual misconduct and harassment they've faced for years, we'd totally get if you kept your head under a rock for the year. If you did that, though, you totally missed out on the best movies, songs, TV shows, and memes of the year.

From the rise of Cardi B and HBO's dominance on TV to Jordan Peele's frighteningly accurate social commentary helping make 2017 the biggest year for horror at the box office ever, 2017 featured loads of amazing content, most of which helped us make it through the depressing batch of headlines and breaking news reports. Here's your look at the best of, well, everything from 2017.

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Nicki Minaj’s Deleted ‘Great Time to be a White Rapper’ Instagram Post Sparks Controversy

Nicki Minaj posted a pretty nondescript screen capture of the iTunes top 10 charting Hip Hop/Rap songs Saturday night. But it wasn’t the chart itself that got people talking so much as Nicki’s commentary on the melanin deficiency of the artists on the chart. 

“It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America huh?” Nicki wrote in the caption of her now-deleted post. “These are the top 10 rap songs on US iTunes. S/O to Em & Post. Two of my faves. Congrats to Em on his new album. #Motorsport put dat thing in sport.”

The chart has since been updated, but you can pretty easily read between the lines and see what Nicki was referencing. Of the 10 songs listed, Migos’ “Motorsport” and N.E.R.D.’s “Lemon” are the only two performed by artists that self-identify as black. 

Nicki wasn’t saying anything that hasn’t already been said about race in rap (or other genres perceived as predominately black) by the likes of Solange, Azealia Banks or even Eminem himself. Defending Post Malone in such a discussion seemed like a curious choice.

It’s possible Nicki considered an Instagram caption wasn’t the best place to try and have a nuanced discussion about race, privilege and music because she ended up updating her caption.

“Update blocking all u sensitive dick riders,” Nicki further wrote. “It IS a great time to be a white rapper in America. I wanna sign one for my new label. U know anyone? I spk my mthafkn mind n if u don’t like it gtfo my page dick rida! Y’all can never wait to ride the Queen dick! Sensitive ass ig thugs. Gtfoh.”

That post was followed by a clip of J. Cole’s 2014 interview with Angie Martinez, where Cole also discussed the perception versus reality of genres of music traditionally performed by black artists.

“Whenever a black woman speaks on ANYTHING she’s labeled as “mad” “angry” “bitter,” Nicki wrote in a similarly lengthy caption. “I’m on 4 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. I’m blessed & highly favored thx to my amazing fans.”

Before the posts were deleted, Nicki captioned that she was posting “on new developments within the music industry.” There’s plenty of historical context and data to disprove the theory of white artists gaining increased popularity in predominately black spaces isn’t a new development, but that’s somewhat of a moot point now because Nicki’s posts have been deleted.

Much like Nicki’s infamous “What’s good, Miley?” moment and the multiple subs thrown at Iggy Azalea, this might lead to some substantive dialogue beyond an Instagram caption. 

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Supreme, Champion & adidas in the MoMA: Streetwear That Changed the World

Items: Is Fashion Modern? is a fashion and design exhibit on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and in it there are several pieces of streetwear and sneakers that have redefined style culture, including ones from Nike, Supreme, adidas, Converse, Champion, and other iconic brands.

Complex News got a first-hand look at the exhibit, as well as spoke with Senior MoMA curator Paola Antonelli, who organized the exhibit.

“When I got here, I noticed that there was no fashion in an otherwise amazing design collection,” Antonelli said. “I started keeping a list that I used to call 'garments that changed the world,' and of course it had the white T-shirt, Converse, Nike, Levi's 501, all the garments that you think are the pillars of modern design when it comes to fashion. And that's how the exhibit happened.”

Check out the full video above where Antonelli talks about Kanye West's influence in the design and fashion world, as well as the heated arguments that took place on what made the final cut for the sneaker side of the exhibit.

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6 Dope Things Your iPhone X Can Do

With HOLIDAY SZN upon us, you're either in the market for a new smartphone or know someone who needs a new one. That means copping the iPhone 8 or, if you're daring, the iPhone X. For some of you, that means you'll be glowing up to the wonders of iOS 11, or for the few of you out there who are ditching Android for an Apple device, this could be the first time you encounter the world of wonders that can be owning an iPhone.

Back when iOS 11 first debuted, we pointed out some of the beautiful new features contained in the brand-spanking new operating system. Rocking Animoji is some of the coolest shit you can do when hollering at your friends, but truth be told, there's a lot under the hood that you might not be aware of, and with a couple of tweaks, you can really turn your smartphone into a device that's tailor-made for your digital life. Happy digital life cuts down on IRL strife, trust. Here's a collection of stupid easy iPhone hacks to make your time with your device even more amazing.

Make your music LOUDER

No, we aren't talking about getting a better pair of headphones, or using the handy volume button. For some reason, iPhone users haven't been privy to the wonders of the EQ functionality, which adjusts the levels of the different sounds and tones in your music to help certain things stand out better, or ultimately give your music a boost in quality.

Adjusting the equalization on your iPhone is easy af; simply go to Settings, then click Music, then select EQ. There, you'll see a number of different settings, from “Bass Boost” (which does exactly what it says it would) to selections based on genre, from hip-hop to rock. It might take some trial and error to get the right mix for your preferred listening enjoyment, but it's a simple way to make your music louder and sounding better, without the need for fancy headphones.

Charge your phone faster

You ever been down to the wire on battery life with a limited amount of time to get it charged? One way to help get your iPhone to charge faster is to put that bad boy in Airplane Mode. We're not talking about lightning fast charging, but by knocking the connection to the internet, your phone is doing less, which surprisingly makes charging it easier and faster. Try charging your phone in Flight Safe mode for a half hour and notice the improvement.

Taking photos without touching your phone

Back in the day, taking photos involved setting up the camera, then pressing a button on a wired controller to take the photo. The iPhone lowkey has that option as well, but it involved a pair of headphones. You know, instead of hitting the on-screen prompts, you can take a photo by using the iPhones volume button? Well, with a connected headphone set, you can get the same functionality by hitting the volume control on the headset. That means you can get a handy tri-pod, set your phone up on it, and get mad creative with the squad photos.

Feel the (custom) vibrations

In a world where most people have their phones on Vibrate mode, it's hard to tell which person is messaging you. You might miss out on bae's “U UP?” text if you assume it's just that annoying kid in Sociology, amirite? For those of you who want to make sure they don't miss any “WYD” messages, you might want to adjust the vibration for your different contacts. Simply find the contact, and hit Edit. In that menu, you'll see a Vibration option; select that, and you will see an array of different vibrations you can assign that special someone. You can even tap Custom Vibration and hook up your own ditty. Now you'll always know when bae wants to know if you're up.

Get Siri to order your Uber

Smartphones should make your life that much easier, right? Instead of opening the Uber app every time you want to get an Uber home (especially when you're a little too tipsy to find the app on your screen), just ask Siri to get your Uber. She will take care of the rest, asking you to confirm if you want to take a particular ride or not.

The Hard Reset

Sometimes, closing apps isn't enough; if your phone isn't working the way it needs to, the best bet is to perform a Hard Reset. If you own an iPhone X, though, know that the Hard Rest process has changed. What you do now is:

  • Press the Volume Up button, then release
  • Press the Volume Down button, then release
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears

Sometimes, it's just that easy to get your phone running like new again.

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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Nicki Minaj’s Ménage à Trois-Inspired ‘Paper’ Mag Cover

Posing with two additional incarnations of yourself on magazine covers is officially the new wave. Tuesday, Paper unveiled their Ellen von Unwerth-shot new cover featuring Nicki Minaj. The “Minaj à Trois” cover also revives the publication's “Break the Internet” catchphrase, which magazine cover aficionados will remember from its inclusion on Kim Kardashian's own internet-smashing Paper cover back in 2014.


Wanna Minaj? @papermagazine 🧐👅 photos by @ellenvonunwerth #BreakTheInternet edition

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

“We have never called an issue Break the Internet since we did it back in 2014 with Kim Kardashian,” Paper creative director Drew Elliott wrote when introducing their new cover. “It takes a certain type of talent, with an awesome fan base and the ability to put trust in PAPER to work our magic. I have always loved all of the looks that Nicki has done (and she has done them all). Her style (typically anchored by her off-the-charts hair choices) matches her musical talent perfectly. Break the Internet is all about the big idea, the word, the image. It came to me one day that 'Minaj à trois' had never been done. HOW?”

The full cover feature drops Wednesday. According to Paper, the feature includes even more internet-breaking Ellen von Unwerth shots. Until then, let's do that thing where we embed a bunch of tweets into an article and ask you to read them here instead of actually on Twitter.

The most notable response, arguably, is the trio of flame emoji Kardashian left on Minaj's Instagram post.

nicki kim
Image via Instagram

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