Alesso Releases Music Video For His New Track, “Falling”

Alesso’s followup to “Take My Breath Away” is “Falling,” an indie/deep house tune with a powerful female vocal.

This is pure dance music, with an undulating rhythm and entrancing vocal performance that draws in listeners deep and makes your feet move. The music video for the track came out last week, featuring Alesso himself tinkering away at some AI programming while another dancer does her own thing. It’s only later that you learn she’s an AI, as well.

Of the video, director Henrik Hanson says:

“I wanted to make video about something impossible, like two AI robots falling in love. Alesso discovers that something is amiss, so he creates a partner, the AI couple fall in love through their dance. I wanted their dance to feel passionate and sensual, and to send a beautiful message to the viewer that we should take care of each other. He takes care of her, and she takes care of him after a long and hot dance.”

Check it out below:


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Source: Alesso Releases Music Video For His New Track, “Falling”

Get Inside The Mind of Alesso With His AMA

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The Swede Alesso recently partook in an AMA on Reddit after the success of his Chime For Change benefit shows in New York City. Alesso revealed fun tidbits like his affection for Hanz Zimmer and Swedish House Mafia, his favorite plug-ins, as well as his love for drawing, and fashion. Moreover, he teased us with letting us know that his album will have some different genres on it, as well as two specific tracks that Redditors asked about. There is no date set for the album, but with his recent single being released, as well as increased press visibility, we can be sure some more details will come soon enough. For the full AMA, check the source and peruse through the many comments and questions.

Source: Reddit

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Get Inside The Mind of Alesso With His AMA

Alesso Explains Lack Of ‘Real Emotion’ In EDM

4355Alesso-Rukes.jpegIn a recent interview with Billboard, Alesso described the electronic scene as “sometimes lacking real emotions” and he couldn’t be more right. While great emotional music still exists, it is mixed in with generic fluff that has become so prevalent in the last few years. It can be easy to get lost in the computer generated sounds but using them to stir peoples emotions is a completely different art.

The topic came about when Alesso was discussing the inspiration behind his latest track, Heroes, which is a collaboration with fellow swede Tove Lo. When asked about the emotional thinking behind Heroes, Alesso described why his latest track stands out:

“Honestly, I’m a pretty emotional person. Sometimes that’s what is missing in the electronic landscape — the real emotions. I have a euphoric sound, so when you combine that with an emotional message, it sticks with people.”

Alesso’s Heroes tour has been a wild success and has also helped give back to the community through a series of charities. Check out Alesso’s latest track below and read the full interview over at Billboard

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Alesso Explains Lack Of ‘Real Emotion’ In EDM

Alesso’s Charity Event Breaks Record


Alesso’s Heroes campaign is much more then just a typical north american tour. Alesso has partnered up with Chime For Change, a charity organization working to improve the lives of women around the world, in order to raise money and awareness for their cause.

Alesso’s most recent Heroes show went on sale this week and sold out in less than 49 seconds, resulting in a second show being added due to high demand. The overwhelming support for Alesso and his partnered charity is astonishing and has already raised over $50,000 for their cause:

It is fantastic to see all the support for both a great artist, and a great cause. You can grab your tickets to his added show below, but act now! they won’t be up for long!


Tickets For Alesso

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Alesso’s Charity Event Breaks Record