People Are Clowning Rajon Rondo for Wearing Velcro Shoes to Cavs/Celtics Game

With Paul Pierce set to have his no. 34 Boston Celtics jersey retired after the team's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday, a few people from The Truth's Celtics days were there to show their support. Kevin Garnett, Doc Rivers, and Rajon Rondo sat next to one another courtside, and wait, wait, wait, what in the world are these shoes on Rondo's feet?! 

Someone was quick to zoom in on Rondo's, um, unique kicks and essentially open the roasting floodgates. 

And Twitter knew what to do from there. 

People can't be out here taking fashion risks anymore. 

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New Details Surface on How Harvey Weinstein Covered Up Sexual Assault Incidents

AKA here are more reasons to hate Harvey Weinstein.

Justin Bieber Teases First Solo Song in Years

Even though it’s been almost two years since Justin Bieber’s last official album, the radio waves have not lacked for new Bieber music. He’s on two song of the summer contenders this year alone. But, fire features notwithstanding, it’s been a minute since we got new solo music from JB.

That’s about to change this week though, as the megastar tweeted out what appears to be the cover art for a new track he plans to drop on Thursday. The song is titled “Friends,” and along with Justin, the artwork lists Bloodpop, which serves as a major indicator to how this new track might sound.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Blood appears several times on the liner notes for Purpose, with production credits on “Mark My Words,” “I”ll Show You,” and most importantly, “Sorry.” It stands to reason then, that “Friends” will be more in that vein: tropical, summery, with an EDM/dance twinge and radio catnip. AKA, Bieber doing what he does best.

The move comes just weeks after Bieber made news by abruptly canceling his tour, so it’s a little surprising to see him releasing new music when we all assumed he was going to fall back for a while. For Bloodpop’s part, since working with Bieber he’s logged significant placements on Lady Gaga’s most recent album, as well as Haim’s latest single “Want You Back.”  So far, the two are 3 for 3 on collabs, so it's basically a scientific guarantee that “Friends” will be fire as well. For more on what we expect from Justin's new song, watch the video above.

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People Spotted Apple’s Self-Driving Test Car in Silicon Valley

Apple wants to be at the forefront of the inevitable rise of the self-driving car. What is perhaps a first stab from the tech giant emerged from Apple’s facility Friday and was spotted driving around Silicon Valley.

The car was a souped-up Lexus RX450h SUV. This appears to be the earliest stage of real-world testing, but Apple is not taking its time. They're in an arms race. The company just obtained a permit to test this technology in California April 14. The permit covered “three vehicles, all Lexus RX450h, and six drivers.”

The SUV was covered with high-tech equipment like optical cameras that made it stand out on the roads juuuust a little bit. The kit included sensors that helped the car observe the world around it, according to Engadget.

The sensors came “off the shelf” from third parties like Velodyne—they were not custom, Apple-designed hardware.

New York Times report from September stated Apple was rethinking its strategy in pursuing self-driving cars, but the company's recent actions indicate the tech behemoth is fully committed to seeing this through.

Apple is on a mission to be the leader in this realm, but it will face competition, as Alphabet and Tesla are among the companies vying to get self-driving cars—AKA “autonomous-car technology”—on the road. California has granted permits for the testing to 30 companies so far. These companies include startups, car makers, automotive suppliers, and giants like Apple and Google.

Imagine going for a spin and passing that thing. Then again, if you live in Silicon Valley, you're probably used to seeing crazy things.

Apple’s shot at autonomous-car technology is known internally as “Project Titan.” Steve Wozniak, one of the two Steves who founded Apple and one of the most respected people in the tech sphere, had some fascinating thoughts on Project Titan and how it relates to Apple's early projects. Check out his perspective below.

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Google Maps Now Predicts Parking Availability

When you Google search a business, say a hoity-toity café, oftentimes a nifty little graphic will pop up telling you when the establishment is at its busiest, AKA when finding a seat is next to impossible. Now, Google is offering a similar feature for parking availability on Google Maps.

Using historical data to plot out busy times and calculate a parking rating of Easy, Medium, or the “park 4 blocks away and then some” Limited rating. This new offering isn’t going to make finding that elusive parking spot any easier to find, but at least you’ll know what you’re getting into beforehand, and have the option to plan ahead.

This will be exceptionally useful in traffic impacted cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Miami and others who regularly experience a lack of good parking choices for nights out on the town – and the last ting you want is to miss your favorite opener at a show because you couldn’t find a parking space.

Right now, the parking availability calculation is only based on historic data, but its only a matter of time before they take advantage of anonymous location services to plot out availability in real time.


Source: TechCrunch

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Google Maps Now Predicts Parking Availability

1000Volts, AKA Redman & Jayceeoh, Drop New Mix On Diplo & Friends

Hip Hop/Dance Music supergroup 1000Volts, AKA hiphop icon Redman and producer/turntablist Jayceeoh, are making some of the most bass heavy crossover music in the game right now. 1000volts has just shared their debut Diplo & Friends Mix, featuring the world premiere of their highly anticipated collaboration with Zeds Dead, among other IDs from Jaykode, Rickyxsan, Party Thieves, Meaux Green, and more.

The newly-formed duo has been dropping some serious tracks which have been making waves across the interweb. Their singles “I’m Gone” and “Bitch I’m Lit” are the nicest mix of old school Redman mixed with modernized dance music.

For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the last 20 years, Redman has been killing the hiphop game since the 90s. The rapper and record producer has been on the rise since he has been working with Def Jam Records over twenty years ago. In addition to his solo career, he also had a separate project with his cousin Method Man called Method Man & Redman. The two cousins have not only been known for their musical talents, but have also starred in multiple movies; they even had their own sitcom Method & Red which was featured on Fox in 2003-2004. Redman has even been featured on the legendary MTV Cribs!

Last, and definitely not least, Jayceeoh is an artist of his own caliber. Jayceeoh is a professional turntablist/record producer who has been creating some of the most impressive bass music for years. The artist has seen releases on prestigious labels like Markus Schulz’s Coldharbour Recordings, Big Beat, Dim Mak, Buygore, and is the founder of his own imprint Super 7 Records.

Jayceeoh is fresh off his Australian tour and a huge 2016 which featured debuts at enormous festivals like Safe In Sound and Das Energi.

Don’t miss this hour long powerhouse of a mix by some of the dopest dudes in the game Redman and Jayceeoh. Stream and tracklist below!

TRACKLIST – 1000volts
1000volts – Check, Diplo Check (Exclusive)
1000volts – Interlude
Zeds Dead & 1000volts (Redman & Jayceeoh) – ID (World Premier)
1000volts – Bitch Im Lit (SAYMYNAME Remix)
Andrew Fresko x Lit Lords – Fire Squad
Jaykode & Rickyxsan – ID (Jayceeoh Getting Money Edit)
Borgore ft Juicy J – Magic Trick
Styles & Complete ft Waka Flaka – ID
Jayceeoh & ClipsXAhoy – ID (World Premier)
TI – What U Know vs Mayhem & UZ – Amazon (Jayceeoh Edit)
Yookie & Slander – After All (Jayceeoh Edit)
Redman – Beat Drop (Jayceeoh’s Bass Mix)
Excision – Throwin Elbows (Ft Redman) (Jayceeoh’s Get Em / How High Edit)
Party Thieves – ID
Meaux Green x Tascione – ID
SMGGLR & Ricky Remedy – ID
Flosstradamus x FKi x Graves ft Post Malone – Came Up (Jorgen Odegard Remix) (Jayceeoh Superman Edit)
Lil Wayne vs RL Grime – Core (Jayceeoh Milli Edit)
Yellow Claw & Cesqueax – Legend (Jayceeoh & B-Sides Remix)
Lloyd Banks – Beamer Benz or Bentley vs Lookas – Cant Get Enough (Jayceeoh Edit)
Joyryde ft Freddie Gibbs – Damn
Jayceeoh ft Redman & Jay Psar – Turn Me Up Some (1000volts edit)
Redman – Time 4 Sum Aktion
Jaykode – Break It Down
Dj Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat (Party Favor Remix)
Redman – Ill Be Dat (1000volts Diplo & Friends Exclusive)
Zhu – Faded (DJ Snake Remix) (1000volts Smoke Da F#ck OUt Edit)
Carnage x Milo&Otis – RGV
Dj Snake & Skrillex – Sahara Interlude
Dirty Audio – Fast Forward ft Ying Yang Twins
GTA & What So Not – Feel It (ft Tunji Ice)
Jauz – Feel the Volume vs Kendrick – Kill My Vibe (FCZ Edit)

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This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: 1000Volts, AKA Redman & Jayceeoh, Drop New Mix On Diplo & Friends

Giraffage remix of Dreams by the Cranberries

Listen here: Giraffage remix of Dreams by the Cranberries

Giraffage AKA San Francisco-based Charlie Yin has been making a name for himself lately with plenty of production and recent performances on the West Coast in January. Here’s an unreleased track from a mix he did for Triple J’s radio mix two months ago that is starting to get some attention. It’s a remix of “Dreams” by the Irish rock band The Cranberries. It’s a great melodic track that has a smooth, relaxing vibe. The edit gives the song a happy, carefree vibe that feels innocent and soothing. Take a listen below or listen to the mix where Giraffage released it below from Soundcloud. The mix is available for a free download. This song starts at 14:55. Track list is included as well.

Bruce Springsteen Kicks Off 2014 ‘High Hopes’ Tour in South Africa

“Good evening South Africa!” Bruce Springsteen said after taking the stage in front of 10000 screaming South Africans fans at Cape Town’s Bellville Velodrome “So glad to be in your beautiful city!” With that The E Street Band launched into a rollicking cover of The Special AKA’s “Free Nelson Mandela”…