Meet The Shoe Surgeon, the Man Behind Bieber, Drake, and LeBron’s Custom Sneakers

Like many of his classmates, Dominic Chambrone had an affinity for Air Jordan sneakers; however, the California native wasn’t content with blending in with the crowd, so he decided to customize his pair with an airbrush.

“Shoes were just a vehicle to express myself without really having to say anything,” he told Complex News. 

More than a decade later, Chambrone has built a wildly successful career under The Shoe Surgeon alias, customizing kicks for everyone from Drake to Justin Bieber to LeBron James. He's even began teaching his own footwear customization classes, where he intends to pass on the craft to up-and-coming creatives.

“It took me 15 plus years to really hone my craft. I had to learn things from a shoe repair shop. I had to learn things from reading a book. I had to learn things from a traditional shoemaker. I wanted to really hand-make a high quality sneaker, which no one really had the answers for, so I had to piece those all together. And that’s why I teach now, so I can give them all of my knowledge. I can pass it on, and continue to push the craft forward. It’s not just about me; it’s about other people who want to be inspired again.”

We sat down with Chambrone to talk about his incredible journey to success. You can check out the interview above. 

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The Weeknd Will Not Be Releasing a New Project This Week

If you're into blindly believing everything that's tweeted, you may have recently been convinced that the Weeknd was planning to drop a new EP this week titled We're Alone Together. Sorry to bust up the stoked melancholia, but that rumor is exactly that: a rumor.

As rumor would have it, the new EP was set to drop this Friday, a little over a month after his most recent release My Dear Melancholy. Understandably, the thought of receiving some new Weeknd so soon had us stoked too. However, a source close to the situation confirmed to Complex that a new EP is not being released this week.

Still, that doesn't completely eradicate the chance of a new material coming later this year. After all, the Weeknd's current Instagram profile pic is the same altered photo used in the We're Alone Together tweets that are gaining traction among hungry fans. Also, as full-time fans/part-time detectives have already noted, the original image from the cover floating around looks to be a Nabil shot:


A post shared by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on Mar 30, 2018 at 3:33pm PDT

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, join me in my daily cry to My Dear Melancholy highlight “I Was Never There.”

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Racks Talks Kanye, Supreme & Streetwear | Life At Complex

On today’s episode Tony captures a little behind the scenes of Racks “Get In Line” show. For the next episode Racks is taking the show to Los Angeles, but before that Tony gets a moment to catch up with the Stylish Stoner and get his thoughts on Kanye’s recent activities in the media and the future of Supreme streetwear. We also get a first look at the new Air Jordan 3 White/Red or as some may know as the Air Jordan 3 Katrina. 

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Parkour Fails | Life At Complex

On today's episode, Tony makes his first of five concentrated efforts to go viral using, a mobile video platform that’s about discovering and connecting with other people around the world through authentic, fun videos. In doing so, Tony enlists the help of one of the app’s veterans, Jahn Lemieux, who advises him to get creative and think originally, but to also draw inspiration from those who came before him. What results is a less than stellar parkour demonstration, which actually looks pretty solid when cut together (shoutout to Tony). That counts for something. We also un-box Fila Mind Blowers, and catch a glimpse at some Air Jordan 11s that you could wear to prom (or a more adult event) and still pull off. Finally, we say good-bye to Rich Maze Lopez who, on his last day, becomes a certified expert on all things sneakers, and also leaves us with some short but sweet life advice that we should all at least consider following.

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Carmelo Anthony Says Russell Westbrook ‘Steals Rebounds,’ But Team Is Cool With It

If Russell Westbrook is able to grab 16 rebounds against the Grizzlies on Wednesday, he will become the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double in multiple seasons. That sounds like a stretch, but he did grab 18 boards on Monday night against the Heat, and he has averaged 14 per game in the four contests he's played in April.

As active as he's been on the glass, his OKC teammates have joked around about him “stealing” boards as he zones in on becoming the first player in league history to accomplish the aforementioned feat. That topic was brought up on Tuesday as Carmelo Anthony spoke to the media, with Anthony responding (jokingly) in the affirmative, while also stating the team ultimately doesn't care about it.

“Sometimes you want to fight him a little bit, push him out of the way,” he told ESPN's Royce Young. “For me, it’s good to have a guard like that, being able to crack back and get rebounds. He steals rebounds sometimes, but any time you have a guard like that to come back and rebound the way he does…he’s able to jump start the break, and a lot of good things happen from there.”

When pressed further, Anthony said that he “steals,” but it's seen as a joke on the team rather than something more problematic.

“We got a defensive rebound,” he added. “I don’t think nobody thinks twice about that. As long as we get the rebound, I don’t think we worried about that. Like individually, we’re not like ‘Damn, I gotta get this rebound. I gotta rebound more.’ As long as we get the rebound, we all cool with that.”

Of course this is not the first time that people have taken note of Westbrook's rebounding style (or just clearing out for other guys to acquire boards in general):

Watch extra closely Wednesday night.

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LifeAtComplex: Off-White Vapormax & Shark Inspired Sneakers

In this episode Zoe takes over the show with multiple unboxes. We put on our non-expert “Expert” hats and provide an in-depth review to some of the hottest sneakers out. The Off-White Vapormax, the Air Jordan 11 Low Easter, and the Footlocker exclusive Nike Air Max Plus.

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Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh & Marc Ecko on the Importance of Merging Design and Fashion | ComplexCon(versations)

At ComplexCon 2017, Complex founder Marc EckoA�hosted Retrospectives in Collaboration & Superflata��, a panel that brought togetherA�ComplexCon host committee membersA�Takashi Murakami and Virgil AblohA�for an enlightening discussion about the convergence of art, fashion, and design, and how it's changed over time.


An example of this, Virgil explains, is how consumers now put an emphasis on products they “cherish” over how much it actually costs. In a sense, personal value and worth outweighs the price tag, which differs from past generations.

Eckoa�� promptsA�Murakami with a question about how “misunderstanding can drive culture forward,” which leads to an entertaining story about Murakami collaborating withA�Louis Vuitton without really knowing too much about the iconic Parisian fashion house.

Interestingly enough, this same collaboration played a major part in Abloh pursuing art and fashion. “Hadn't it been for the collaboration betweenA�Louis Vuitton andA�Takashi Murakami, I wouldn't have had that sort of eureka moment,” he explains. “Between him and Marc deciding to make a project, me being the kid going toA�Michigan Avenue, and hey, in rap Louis Vuitton is popular. There's something cool happening there.”

Watch the full episode above where Abloh andA�MurakamiA�also share how their family and friends influence how much does glucophage cost their art, and keep it locked to Complex as we'll be dropping more ComplexCon(versations) panels featuring LaVar Ball, Deray McKesson, and more.

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Cardi B Waiting on Nicki?, Lil Xan Banned From Rap? Safaree Glows Up | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Wayno, Star, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska broke down whether or not Cardi B is waiting on Nicki Minaj to drop her album, Lil Xan getting banned from hip-hop by Waka Flocka and T.I., Safaree’s new glow up in 2018, and more. 

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Yujia Hu Turns Migos, Kendrick Lamar, and Air Jordan 1s Into Delicious Sushi Art

Yujia Hu's first love was basketball—he describes the sport as “beautiful”—but when his family opened a sushi restaurant in Milan, Italy, he turned his focus to becoming a sushi chef.

Searching for ways to combine his passion and his familial duties, he created sushi in the likeness of Italian basketball players, and when his posts on social media received worldwide attention, he expanded to NBA players, rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Migos, and even sneakers, like the Air Jordan 1.

“Basketball, sushi, hip-hop… it's different things that are a part of me,” Hu explains. Check out his story and awesome sushi art in the video above.

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LifeAtComplex: Not A Joke, Ordering Pizza With Your Sneakers

On today’s episode Brennan shows up on a Saturday to drop off 30 bottles of wine to some Complex staffers as a parting gift. Flash forward to Monday, Tony talks to Anslem about the Oscar results and we find out Al and the GO90 team had a hand in Kobe Bryant’s “Dear Basketball” animated short film. Pizza Hut stops by to show off their Pie Tops 2, which allows you to order a pizza through their custom sneakers! And to round out the episode we have Chris Murphy giving his best sneaker review on the Air Jordan 3 Tinker Hatfield!

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