Creamfields 2017 Unveils Full Headlining Lineup With Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers & Much More

For the 20th anniversary of Creamfields, festival organizers spared no expense in rolling out what might be the heaviest festival lineup in Europe when it comes to sheer star power in the dance acts. In fact, there are so many headliners that the festival’s main poster is literally just a poster of all headliners cross genre.

The festival will take place across four days from Thursday, August 24th Sunday the 27th. Now take a deep breath and get a hold of this ‘headliner lineup.’ Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, The Chainsmokers, deadmau5 & Eric Prydz, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Diplo, DVBBS, Hardwell, Marshmello, Martin Garrix, and Tiësto.

And that’s not to speak of other major dance acts like Jauz, Galantis, Tchami, Alesso, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Nicky Romero, Oliver Heldens, KSHMR, Steve Angello and more. While Idris Elba might not be a superstar DJ by any means it looks like he’s also been given the ‘headliner’ treatment here.

Check out the full headliner lineup below and grab tickets and check out the full lineup here and here respectively.


Featured Image Source: Anthony Mooney

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Source: Creamfields 2017 Unveils Full Headlining Lineup With Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers & Much More

Spring Awakening Music Festival Reveals Phase One of Their Lineup with Armin Van Buuren, Axwell Λ Ingrosso and More!

For the past five years Chicago has been lucky enough to kick off the summer right with some of the biggest names in electronic music and 2017 is no different. React Presents is back with their announcement of phase one of the Spring Awakening Music Festival lineup! Returning to its new home at Addams/Medill Park this coming June 9th through June 11th Spring Awakening is sure to set the tone for everyone’s summer to be one to remember.

Over the course of three days attendee’s will be able to enjoy the music of more than 80 electronic music artists that cover an enormous range of genre’s on two different main stages and six smaller branded stages! The Solstice stage will be home to some of the biggest and best performances that weekend with the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Diplo, Alesso, Marshmellow gracing the stage; along with a few others as well. On the Equinox stage will get a taste of something that’s a little more heavy with Datsik and Excision taking over and they’ll be joined with other artists like Galantis, Die Antwoord, Louis the Child and more!

The branded stages have always offered a unique spin to curated stage lineup’s at Spring Awakening. It’s a chance for fans of a certain genre or style to really dive into it all day and night. This year we will see the return of the famed Bass Kitchen stage along with Body Language, which showcases the house-y vibes that Chicago is known for, and the Trance Arena. A little something new is happening this year as well; we will get to see stage takeovers from three distinctive brands within the electronic music industry. Attendee’s will get their fill of curated lineup’s from Sunday School, which will feature both big and underground names, Anjunadeep, Above & Beyond’s deep house take on their famed record label, and Dancing Astronaut, the well acclaimed music publication!

Over the next few weeks as June begins to draw closer attendee’s will be able to keep their excitement going as they look for phase 2 to be released along with the reveal of all of the branded stage artists! In the mean time however, check out the wonderful playlist that was put together for the phase one artists, the full lineup flyer and recap video!

Tickets are available to purchase via their website now and payment plans are an option so their is no excuse as to why we won’t be seeing you in June!


This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Spring Awakening Music Festival Reveals Phase One of Their Lineup with Armin Van Buuren, Axwell Λ Ingrosso and More!

Talking New Music, New Shows, and New Alias with Nitti Gritti [Interview]

A little over a week ago, Life In Color landed in Miami for its tenth anniversary with colorful performances from Diplo, Marshmello, Desiigner, and more. During the festivities, the first set I heard while entering the venue was the festival’s opening act Nitti Gritti. Known for his trap, dubstep, and bass music productions, Nitti Gritti is a relatively new face in the world of electronic dance music. Playing his first show back in Halloween for Wynwood Fear Factory, he has recently returned from a tour with rising duo Bonnie X Clyde and was even brought up during their set at Life In Color.

Some might also recognize Nitti Gritti for his productions as Ricky Mears. Most notably Ricky worked on a remix of the Seven Lions song “Coming Home” with Seven Lions himself. He’s also worked on a five-track EP called Deliverance and has remixed Bob Marley, Flume, SBCR, and many more. I got to sit with Nitti Gritti to talk about his music, it’s directions, and more on his origins into the music scene.

Tell me about your first set at Life In Color.

Unfortunately, I had to cut my set short because my USBs broke and I had this whole technical issue. But this was my second festival ever and this is just a learning experience. Once I got up there [on stage], I was so humbled that so many people were going crazy. As the music was playing, they were giving me so much energy and it made me feel really good.

Talking about that music, when can we expect new 2017 Nitti Gritti releases and future shows?

For the shows, we’re working on a little tour right now. Music-wise, I just signed a song to Never Say Die, Trap Nation, and I’m sure Your EDM is going to have something of mine, but there’s a couple of things coming soon. I’ve got some stuff I’m singing on and with some homies, other producers and collaborations. I’m so excited to have at least ten songs come out this year!

Singing? Have you been singing since you were little or is this something newer that you want to try to add to your music?

It’s newer. I played drums and guitar for most of my life and I knew I had a good year. Singing came into my music in the last two to three years and appeared in my music as Ricky Mears. Now it’s going to be apart of my Nitti Gritti stuff. It’s really fun even though I’m by no means an experienced singer. Regardless, I know that I can do that with work and I’m really excited to share that.

Now that you bring up your other musical alias Ricky Mears, I have come to notice that one of the hardest things to do in the music industry is to rebrand or create new aliases and to see them have similar or greater success in comparison to previous material. And for context, your work as Ricky Mears was last seen collaborating on a remix with Seven Lions which is no small feat. What was the decision that created Nitti Gritti while already having music out as Ricky Mears?

The thing that happened is that I had so many styles of music that I took Nitti Gritti as an escape to create new music and I still have Ricky Mears to create new music. I thank God that I won an Above & Beyond contest and I’m going to be going into the studio with Above & Beyond in April as Ricky Mears. But Nitti Gritti is going to be going on tour and releasing music that goes into the harder trap and dubstep sound which is some of the music I grew up on. It’s really exciting to see both of these projects grow. Although the spotlight is on Nitti Gritti right now, Ricky Mears is not far away. It’s a project that is more passionate and that I take my time with. Even though both names are a lot of work, they are both alive and well.

How would you say you were mentally prepared for your set for today? Were you well rested or did you party last night and continue that party into this afternoon?

I just finished a tour with Bonnie X Clyde and I’m pretty sure I haven’t had any drinks in like the last four weeks. I thought to myself I better take it easy for a second and get my grounding before my set today. I had a nice restful time, but today I’m going HAM. I’ve been going crazy all day and I’m probably going to play tonight at Space. I’m well rested, I have a lot of energy and I’m ready to give it to anybody that needs it. 

That’s awesome. But let me ask you about your biggest musical inspirations. Who would you say inspire you and your music?

First, I have to bring up the countries. I lived in Haiti for eight years where I discovered house music and the more Major Lazer kind of sound. From there, I learned about dubstep and Skrillex and all that type of stuff. But before that, I was into early 2000’s/late 90’s rock. This includes bands like Senses Fail, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Sum 41 type of music. I live for that. After mixing that and the growing electronic music scene, that was what helped me make my sound. Even now, acts like Pendulum are incorporating live instrumentation into their live sets and I’m trying to follow suit with mixing the live music and the bands’ styles that I have into my electronic stuff. It’s just a long journey of so many different genres that have brought me here. I want to have an EP or album with one song of every genre one day. Or, at least, of every genre I’m capable of.

To dip your feet in a little of everything, right?

Yeah! And it’s also something for me to enjoy. If everyone else enjoys it, that’s fine. It’s just expression to me.

That’s an interesting thing to say because there are also plenty of musicians in your status who are worried about how their music is going to sound to the mainstream crowd and focus on making music that’s heartless. How do you feel about artists who focus more on what they think their audience wants in their music before themselves?

A lot of people like to just shit on this era of music for whatever reason. But we’re blessed to live in this time. You can look up whatever genre of music you want and you can find it. We live in an era where I can go home and record an album…in my house. It’s such a blessing that I think everyone takes for granted. Just because you don’t hear the music you like on the radio, doesn’t mean it’s not being made. I encourage people to dig and look for the music styles they like because we are in an incredible age where a quick search on SoundCloud or Spotify can find something good. 

That’s true. Especially when you consider how there was time that musicians had to take lessons, buy instruments, take care of those instruments, and hone their musical talents over a greater period of time. Nowadays, a laptop can turn anyone into an Internet sensation that can compete with radio chart toppers.

Don’t get me wrong, though. It still takes a lot of work. I think it’s the fear of other people that stops us. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not the most talented DJ, guitarist, drummer, singer, or anything. It’s all work ethic for me. I have a little bit of talent and I push it to the limit. And there are so many people probably listening to the music and think, “You know what? I can probably do this.” You can if you work hard enough and that’s the only thing to it. 

Well, it’s kind of like exercising a muscle where the more you put work into it, the greater resolve will turn out.

In that case, everybody could have a six pack. You just don’t see it. My tour manager, sitting with us, is an ex-Marine and he works out everyday and I have seen this guy do ridiculous things from working out. But the thing is that’s not a talent. That’s a skill. It has nothing to do with being born with something. Although there are some people born with certain disadvantages, there is no excuse for anybody to not be the best person they can be. 

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears active to catch future music and shows from Nitti Gritti. Meanwhile, check out this recap of his performance at Life In Color.

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Source: Talking New Music, New Shows, and New Alias with Nitti Gritti [Interview]

Kaskade Tries To Troll Eric Prydz And Above & Beyond, But It Didn’t Go As Planned

Kaskade just pulled a major troll on his fans this afternoon, when he announced that he was going to be in Miami next month for Miami Music Week, and would be throwing a free 12 hour Redux party at the same time as Eric Prydz and Above & Beyond’s show.

As one might expect, we were all a little taken aback by this news… even Prydz himself.

Turns out it was just a simple troll, and Kaskade won’t even be in the state of Florida during MMW, let alone throwing a party there.

So cheers to Kaskade for having a little fun with fans… you jerk. <3

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Source: Kaskade Tries To Troll Eric Prydz And Above & Beyond, But It Didn’t Go As Planned

Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago Announces 2017 Dates, Location, and Presales!

Summer time Chi has to be one of mine, and pretty much everyone else’s, favorite time in the city. There is something about the energy that it gives off with its gorgeous weather, sprawling beaches, and endless amounts of fun to be had everywhere you look.

And what better way to really kick off this time than to dance the night (and day) away to some of your favorite music? React Presents is back for the sixth time with their official announcement of Spring Awakening Music Festival 2017! Coming back to the city the weekend of June 9th – 11th we are ready to get back to the fields of its new location, as of last year, at Addams/Medill Park. Last year the change in location from Solider Field, a place that people felt was a home away from home when they would attend the fest, gave way to a lot of hesitation from attendee’s but React Presents showed that its not always the location that makes a festival so memorable but instead it’s the atmosphere and vibe that it creates. From the Vita Coco water slide to the Silent Disco set up in a repurposed bumper car arena we are ecstatic to see how the park gets transformed this year.

Pre-sale tickets and a layaway payment plan are now currently available for fans to snag their tickets at the lowest price they can! And if I have any say in it I suggest you do it now because you know React is going to provide you with a great lineup! Last years boasted names such as Deadmau5, Above & Beyond, The Chainsmokers, Jamie XX, Dada Life, Crystal Castles, Flying Lotus, and so many more! You can go ahead and purchase tickets from the Spring Awakening website; only $49 down with the layaway plan!

Relive the experience of 2016 below with the release of their official after movie! And in the mean time… Buy tickets, start taking off work, get excited. Spring Awakening is here and we are going to have a blast.

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Source: Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago Announces 2017 Dates, Location, and Presales!

Girl Pukes On Above & Beyond When Pressing Play

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you know that a staple part of Above & Beyond shows is when they choose a random person from the crowd to come up on stage and “push the button” meaning they get to initiate the drop of whatever song they’re playing. It’s always a magical moment and is the dream of ravers everywhere.

Well one girl turned this dream into her biggest nightmare.

While playing a set in Denver one girl went up on stage to push the button, and apparently the nerves got to her because she puked all over the stage. Unfortunately there’s no video yet (trust us, we’re looking) but this photo of the incident has surfaced and it’s as beautiful as you’d imagine.



H/T: DJMag Canada

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Source: Girl Pukes On Above & Beyond When Pressing Play

The Luckiest Above & Beyond Fans in the World [Video]

Above & Beyond

A few weeks ago, Above & Beyond held one of their biggest performances to date at Madison Square Garden for their 100th edition of Group Therapy Radio. This record breaking show shared new music from A&B’s upcoming album We Are All We Need alongside classic music from the trio and spectacular tunes from Arty, Andrew Bayer, Boom Jinx, Norin & Rad and many more. The venue packed with as many fans as it could fit, but two fans got a little something extra.

One of the newest traditions for Above & Beyond to do at their live performances is to bring up one member of the audience and have them “push the button” before a song drops. In the past, “Sun & Moon” would be the track of choice for the button-pushing. However, this time the song was one of their latest singles called “Blue Sky Action” featuring Alex Vargas. As the hype rose through the crowd, Jono was making the final touches on leaving the track on an infinite loop, Paavo was cheering right by his side, and Tony went to the crowd and grabbed two ecstatic, young ladies to do the honors.

This spectacular moment was captured on video from the massive event and you can click, watch, and dream to be the next fan to get next to Above & Beyond and push the greatest button in the world.

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Source: The Luckiest Above & Beyond Fans in the World [Video]

Music On Board, From Brazil To Ft. Lauderdale

Listen here: Music On Board, From Brazil To Ft. Lauderdale

Cruise raves are all the rage, and with reason. What’s not to love about boats and hoes coupled with a bit, or rather a lotta EDM. Well, get ready, because there’s another installment setting sail this upcoming November. Music On Board is a renowned floating festival from Brazil, and it’s setting sail from the U.S for the first time ever. Jump aboard the Celebrity Constellation from the three-day dance extravaganza, beginning November 21, 2014. The infamous Opium Group, as well as the team behind Space are the masterminds behind the floating party, so you can expect it to get nutty. Music On Board is known for its jaw dropping production and all star DJ lineup. Kaskade, Roger Sanchez, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Sharam, and The Martinex Brothers have all cruised the turntables on this voyage before, so we can only imagine what they’ve got in store for the first ever ‘Merica edition. Stay tuned for more info.

In the meantime, you can find out all you need to know and purchase presage tickets, which went on sale yesterday at 1 PM by visiting

Or watch the teaser trailer …

Tomorrowland Begins To Reveal The Lineup For The 2014 Year

Listen here: Tomorrowland Begins To Reveal The Lineup For The 2014 Year

The world famous festival that takes place in Boom, Belgium known as Tomorrowland recently was said to have troubles with local residents and may be cancelling weekend 2. Despite the bad news, Tomorrowland has proceeded to announce 3 confirmed artists for the upcoming year with more on the way each day. So far Diplo, Hardwell and Above & Beyond have been announced. Tune in tomorrow for new artists on the way.

Win The Above & Beyond Acoustic Giveaway Bundle

Listen here: Win The Above & Beyond Acoustic Giveaway Bundle

We have partnered up with Above & Beyond in celebration of their brand new acoustic album which was released today on iTunes and can be purchased here. This 12 track album is one of the most majestic albums we’ve heard all year and to celebrate this monumental release, we will be giving away the following: Above & Beyond Logo T-Shirt, Love Is Not Enough Lyrics T-Shirt, Above & Beyond Mug, Tote Bag, Sticker Pack, a copy of the Above & Beyond acoustic CD/DVD of concert film with a photo book and a signed concert poster from Above & Beyond.

**US Entries Only*

Watch the performance on Thump’s channel below and make sure to visit Above & Beyond’s social channels and website: Website | Facebook | Twitter